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a morpheme that occurs only as part of a larger construction

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is said to be presented in a clean, safer handling polymer bound form and is of 80% active chemical content.
But we discovered that the majority of antioxidants found in whole grains occur in the bound form," said Dr.
Thus, a larger fraction was in the bound form when total leptin was lowest.
Murine and human leptin appear to be nearly equally potent physiologically (23-25), and therefore murine leptin should be effective in replacing human leptin in bound form if the immunoreactivity truly represents reversible binding.
com recycled, through certified destruction by means of grinding, over one hundred trailer loads of hardback books, soft back books, catalogs with or without spirals, directories and corporate reports in bound form.
In addition, the amount of absorbable phytonutrients in rice may be underestimated because typically the cell-wall bound forms have not been measured, says Chen.
Scientists at Cornell University investigated the profiles of total phenolics, including both soluble free and bound forms, the total antioxidant activity, and the antiproliferative activity of nuts commonly consumed in the United States.
Unlike petroleum, hydrogen exists in virtually unlimited quantities, though in chemically bound forms.
Assays that measure free and bound forms of PSA equally are termed "equimolar" response assays, whereas those that do not are termed "non-equimolar" or "skewed" assays (7,8).
By inhibiting both soluble and membrane bound forms of BAFF, A-623 could provide an additional therapeutic benefit in lupus with the convenience of subcutaneous dosing.