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an antipersonnel land mine

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WINNER J Bouncing Betty with owner Major Gary Wallace
By the time you get the treat to her mouth she's once again doing her Bouncing Betty act.
The company says Air Tampers--also called "Pole Tamper," "Pogo Stick," or "Bouncing Betty"--produce hand/ arm vibration levels that rank among the highest in the construction industry.
Others included the Flivver, Bouncing Betty, Leaping Lena, the Spirit of St.
Harold Smith was directly in front of me when the "Bouncing Betty" hit him 10 minutes before the truce took effect at 10 p.m.
Among the more familiar items would be the bounding net munition, a less-than-lethal version of the so-called Bouncing Betty mine, which springs 3 to 5 feet into the air before exploding in a hail of shrapnel.
In a world of free-fire zones and Bouncing Betty mines, punji pits and Zippo raids, it became increasingly difficult to believe in anything but my own survival.
Friday's headline music act are the Dirty Rockin' Scoundrels, performing rock 'n' roll music from the 50s and 60s, whilst Saturday's music line-up is headlined by four-piece funk, pop and blues cover band Bouncing Betty, But 12 months of blood, sweat and the occasional tears will be forgotten when Beth sees the pleasure on the faces of eventgoers over the weekend.
Aside from the insect eating, about 100 food and drink producers provided everything from classic festival food to homemade nut butter, and live music from the Harper University Music Society, Chasing August, Bouncing Betty, Dirty Rockin' Scoundrels, The Endings and Two Blank Pages provided a wide range of entertainment.