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the quality of a substance that is able to rebound


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For instance, hipknee phase angle and bounciness of biomechanical variables were found to have significant relations with perceptual variables in the combined musical genre data.
Indie-ness personified, they seemed straight-faced and serious with their combination of old-fashioned bounciness and choir-like vocals.
While sixth-grader Kaia Ott couldn't say exactly how students discovered that the cheese bounced or why its bounciness was necessarily a bad thing, she was one of several kids who chalked it up to being over-processed and therefore lacking in flavor and nutrients.
A 50-50 blend of the latex and morning glory produced maximum bounciness, perfect for the rubber balls.
It is ironic that Adidas has created these organized chaos balls to help fool goalkeepers and deliver more goals when in fact it has the opposite has happened as attacking plays fail to materialize due to inaccurate passes caused by the balls' unpredictable trajectory and obscene bounciness.
Leaders especially need to embrace the bounce and need to focus on building 'bounciness' into their organization." For Mike and his team, their potential for bounciness--or perhaps more aptly, resilience, with an emphasis on adaptability rather than outright strength--is represented by a Christmas ornament, an orange and a rubber ball.
"He had that kind of bounciness around the hotel and the dressing room and it got people going around him.
The band seem happiest with soft rock, piano-heavy tunes like One Fine Day or the McFly bounciness of Top Of The World but there's some ska on Going Nowhere and the Baggy thrill of album closer Sunrise which ends Nowhere Left To Run with some big bold summer harmonies and some frantic guitar playing.
And reading between the lines, the irrepressible bounciness of our Josh is never going to fit comfortably into a corporate pigeonhole.
Weirdly, the seating felt more supportive than the car I had just climbed out of and the bounciness had dissipated significantly by the time it had filtered through to the seats - and the base of my spine.
How far a baseball travels depends on six things: the mass of the ball (how heavy it is), the mass of the bat, the speed of the ball when it hits the bat, the speed of the bat when it hits the ball, the angle at which the bat hits the ball, and the "bounciness" of the ball.
While the relationship of image to cotton lends his paintings a slowed-down, frozen-in-amber quality, his drawings have a surprising bounciness. They were made with colored markers in a loopy hand, which conveys the antic, almost visionary energy behind the paintings.
His most frustrating moment, apart from being booked for testing the bounciness of the ball, was when Kenna knocked a decent ball over the top for him to chase, and the Frenchman's first touch for once let him down.
Barak's work possesses a youthful bounciness that no doubt looks good on the students at SAB, and she keeps the bodies moving.