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the quality of a substance that is able to rebound


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While the relationship of image to cotton lends his paintings a slowed-down, frozen-in-amber quality, his drawings have a surprising bounciness.
His most frustrating moment, apart from being booked for testing the bounciness of the ball, was when Kenna knocked a decent ball over the top for him to chase, and the Frenchman's first touch for once let him down.
Barak's work possesses a youthful bounciness that no doubt looks good on the students at SAB, and she keeps the bodies moving.
While the Dons are in the doldrums, the Bantams betray a bounciness that belies their perilous status.
Richard Bonynge enforced suave playing in the pit, resisted square rhythms and unfailingly brought out the score's delicate bounciness.
The multi-talented group have been injecting youthful bounciness into Abba tracks for a while now.
Many people who work in the field will tell you that they can tell a Prozac user from the timbre of their laughter, the bounciness of their gait, and other factors.
Since players can make strategic selections based on the weight, size and bounciness of each bracelet, a large collection of Silly Bandz can be a big help in the quest to collect all of the Silly Starz and the 40 unique Silly Bandz shapes found in the game.
This chop enhances your natural volume, but you can up the bounciness with a lightweight styling product (we love SoCozy Styling Cream, $14, socozy.
Riding on a rugged truck platform, the Tundra had some bounciness to the ride off road and on some pavement surfaces.
What I can tell you is that they were all delivered with just the right combination of vocal talent, boyish charisma the aforementioned bounciness to delight a packed-to-the-rafters crowd.
Boys and girls love Orbeez because of the amazing transformation from tiny bead to marble-size orb, cool "squish" factor, bounciness, bright colors and endless fun possibilities.
Weirdly, the seating felt more supportive than the car I had just climbed out of and the bounciness dissipated significantly by the time it filtered through to the seats - and the base of my spine.
Indeed, the only thing to upset creature comforts is the bounciness of the ride on all except top-grade surfaces and some wind and road noise.
In reacting against the market savvy and graphic bounciness of Pop, as well as against the pseudo-blue-collar solemnity of Minimalism, '70s work veered into, if not outright abjectness, at least declasse materials--dirt, lint, rubber, broken glass, dust--and hyper-informal configurations.