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Synonyms for bouncy

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Synonyms for bouncy

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

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Synonyms for bouncy


marked by lively action

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"Anyone who has ever caught the boastful glint in a dog's eye as it walks bouncily ahead of its bedraggled, sweatpants-wearing owner will recognize the chord Schine sounds here: would we could all see in one another what dogs see in their owners.
The softer conditions caused by plenty of Scottish rain this month mean fairways will not be bouncily unfair and good shots will be rewarded.
Martins's Burleske, set to Richard Strauss's bouncily Romantic early work Burleske in D Minor for Piano and Orchestra, almost seemed like a Valentine Day's gift to his wife, Darci Kistler, one of the lead dancers.
"Anyone for tennis?" he asks bouncily. He has been rained out of a match.
With gormless Norman Wisdom, blissfully puffing on a pipe, wearing a skinny Fairisle pullover and sitting on a deckchair under a lean-to awning attached to his Rover 45, as tarty Barbara Windsor, one-piece swimming costume and all, bouncily frolics for no good reason in the background ...
Finally, he picked up his finished work, smiled as he look at it, and then bouncily headed toward the teacher.
Rapt by the bay's beauty and mild temperament, I showered, put on my most colorful jogging suit and sneakers, opened the refrigerator, and gulped down several ounces of orange juice from the half-gallon carton, then walked bouncily to the elevator whistling.
Unfortunately the safe but dull Lifted doesn't measure up to 1997 bouncily memorable Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream.
In such a tabulation, the delightfully carefree Field of Grass, bouncily performed to Harry Nilsson songs by a cast led by Patrick Corbin, would be pink, as might be the very different and sensuously beautiful Wagnerian love duets in the rhapsodic Roses.