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Synonyms for bouncer

a person whose duty is to throw troublemakers out of a bar or public meeting


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My Uncle Bouncer has displayed a lamentable want of discretion for his years;" said Peter reflectively, "but there are two hopeful circumstances.
Bouncer had passed a sleepless night, and quarrelled again at breakfast.
Bouncer, very sulky, was huddled up in a corner, barricaded with a chair.
Reinhart, 27, who grew up in Wheeling and now lives in Los Angeles, insisted she did not intentionally strike bouncer Matthew Manno during the July 8 fracas at Lamplighter Inn Tavern & Grille in downtown Palatine.
Ayyaz Rashid, managing partner of the Sandoval Restaurant Group, informed the Root the bouncer who denied Gordon entry was fired.
Sawiris recognised and pointed out the waiter, the owner, and the bouncer involved in the incident.
Ms Hutson, from Hull, said: "River was in his Mothercare bouncer, I was sat behind him watching TV and all of a sudden he literally just fell through it, hitting his head extremely hard on my laminate floor.
Connor Hayes was on a night out with friends when he was knocked out by a bouncer at the Albert Road nightspot.
I started to say it in a calm, ironic way when this bouncer nearly knocked me off my feet and it was that altercation that descended into a running battle with the bouncer between the end of the tunnel and the referee's room.
Commercial jumper is typically heavier and bigger in comparison to residential bouncer and is known for its robust construction, making it extremely strong while featuring a resistance to tearing.
The woman threw a broken glass at the man she was fighting but it hit a Tunisian bouncer causing him injuries on his wrist.
THIS video shows the moment a young man was allegedly beaten by three bouncers outside a popular nightclub.
Should the app detect an emulator or Google Bouncer environment, the ads are not displayed.
Shortly after that he returned and took me by surprise and stabbed me in my shoulder," claimed the bouncer.
ISLAMABAD -- International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive David Richardson revealed that a clampdown down on bouncers is unlikely despite the passing of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes last Thursday.