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a visitor of a city boulevard (especially in Paris)

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I grew up among English people who still thought of France--a rather stuffy and puritanical country in the 1960s--in terms of the "Gay Paree" of seventy years earlier, a place of unbridled license and monocled boulevardiers swilling champagne at the Folies Bergee.
Walk north on Broadway Avenue from Pine Street on up to Roy Street any night of the week You'll be joining punk, pierced, tattooed, orange-haired, no-haired boulevardiers on the prowl for the hip and cutting-edge.
Other boulevardiers I questioned, although apparently friendly and peaceful, held similar or yet more pugilistic views.
"To the Illustrious Pierre de Ronsard Strophe I You muses who preside in the dream realm of the lyre where gods and heroes stroll, those boulevardiers who sometimes deign to greet distinguished mortals, you have sung of Hercules, but turn your gaze Antistrophe I to one of your sons, a man of greatest renown, a prince among the talented poets alive in France.
America doesn't really have boulevards, so it doesn't have boulevardiers, but it does have midways, and there without any worldly training you can lose yourself in the crowd and savor the delirium of active looking and passive anonymity that Baudelaire turned into an art form.
Ultracool jazz musicians and singers, jaunty boulevardiers, insouciant diners, and lolling lounge lizards populate DeBusk's idiosyncratic world.
Flaneurs, boulevardiers, and street-walkers either don't understand his gestures or think he's deliberately offending them in some way he may not yet have figured out.
Asphalt was a luxury offered to the boulevardiers of Paris and Berlin, appearing as a pavement surface long before it was adapted to the wheeled traffic of the streets themselves.
It wasn't long before the Japs got in on the act, turning trusty Toyota Landcruisers into boulevardiers.
Once upon a time, there were those who turned heads with their breathless style relevance, the ace faces, be they mods, rockers or just courageous boulevardiers.
And Southern Californians, who aren't supposed to appreciate any urban activity that doesn't involve a mall, are strolling around as if all their lives they wanted nothing more than to be boulevardiers.
And Remnick uses them all - the guys and dolls, the gamblers and the broads, the boulevardiers and the ever present Mafia.
What matters is that a robust piece of city has been made that both contributes to the traditional urban pattern while offering new perceptions about the relationships of private business to public activity, of the workplace to the city, of the roles of individuals as office workers to those as boulevardiers. It sets a powerful example of an approach to making the matrix of a city for a contemporary plural democracy.
Recently, though, both man and nature have wrought changes on the Avenue that warrant a fresh look from even veteran boulevardiers.