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a visitor of a city boulevard (especially in Paris)

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If her question was whether or not I would have liked to drink her boulevardier, the answer was yes.
La manie des postes, presentee aussi ou d'abord dans le theatre boulevardier francais (specialement, les comedies d'Eugene Scribe Le solliciteur, La manie des places, Le Charlatanisme, La Camaraderie etc.
No longer a schmucky five-year- old virgin toy poodle, Little Guy had unexpectedly become a petit boulevardier whose deformed eye lent him-yes, I could see it now-a rakish air.
LE BOULEVARDIER, 5 Rue de la Fromagerie, 69001 Lyon, France (Terreaux - Bat D'argent) YOU won't find rooms much cheaper than this.
FROM the Proms to Paramount, Gershwin to Gounod, John Wilson, arguably one of the most versatile conductors working today, can take an audience from the swinging boulevardier tunes of old Hollywood to a Bach quartet, almost without drawing breath.
com/hotel/hotel-lyon-france BUDGET LE BOULEVARDIER, 5 Rue de la Fromagerie, 69001 Lyon, France (Terreaux - Bat D'argent) YOU won't find rooms much cheaper than this.
BUDGET Le Boulevardier, Rue de la Fromagerie You won't find hotel rooms much cheaper than this.
Having already visited the city in 1938, he returned there five years later and, thanks to a combination of good looks, good manners and good luck, immediately became cynosure of every hostess and boulevardier, known to all of them as 'the Sergeant' He would later appear in Evelyn Waugh's Sword of Honour trilogy as 'the Loot', an American officer who 'was in every picture gallery, every bookshop, every club, every hotel.
Foth," in his own words in Boy from Nowhere: A Life in Ninety-One Countries, is more entertainer than policy analyst, the boulevardier and classy dresser who boasts of the beautiful women he has known and loved (although some of them, like Barbara Amiel--now Lady Black--later denied connection with him), and a man for whom life has been an unending panorama of the mundane and the magnificent, with "Dr.
In the wonderful world of Petra Ecclestone, pounds 149,000 is no money at all for such a brilliant boulevardier and half the price of a Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible.
He is a boulevardier with the cutting wit of Oscar Wilde and the attention to tailoring of Beau Brummel.
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31) BOULEVARDIER, "Paris", en Los lunes de El Imparcial, ano XXIII, no 7951, 8 de julio de 1889.
Actually, as town supervisor and emcee of the Onion Queen Pageant, she makes me look like a regular boulevardier, but I suppose as a native I can be identified by some hidden Lovecraftian nodule.
WHEN the evergreen Liverpool thespian Rita Tushingham was interviewed by boulevardier and poet Peter Grant at FACT arts centre, she referred to herself as "an ugly duckling" in her 1961 break-through film, A Taste of Honey.