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She would persist in pursuing him in there through the long days of motionless silence face to face with the empty Boulevard des Philosophes.
This boulevard was never much frequented; and now, at two o'clock, in the stifling heat, it was quite deserted.
Look here, hopelessly drunk, and she has just come down the boulevard.
I tell you she was walking in front of me, staggering, just here, in the boulevard.
Doucement--doucement, ma bonne," interrupted the other, observing that the woman was about to exhibit me on the open Boulevards, an expose for which he had no longings, "you can bring it to my lodgings--"
I begged him to repeat that word to me behind the boulevards.
Along Queens Boulevard, from 57th Avenue to Codwise Place on the south side and Cornish Avenue on the north side, lies generous R6 zoning.
Enjoy an espresso and a snack in the Boulevard Cafe or simply relax on a park bench next to an old fashioned street lamp.
What we had before was a static situation where officers were assigned basically along Ventura Boulevard,'' Price said.
Effective July 22, the company officially relocated from 104-70 Queens Boulevard to 118-35 Queens Boulevard, at the northeast corner of 78th Crescent where it is renting the bulk of the 14th floor.
There is a section of the I-10 that still remains resting on a self- storage building between Venice Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard that covers an approximate two-block stretch.
To facilitate the future additions and improvements, the plan will create all new subterranean parking and remove the existing Oasis Court hotel rooms, Lanai hotel rooms, the offices along Wilshire Boulevard and Trader Vic's restaurant as well as the above grade parking structure at the corner of Merv Griffin Way and Santa Monica Boulevard.
5 million cost of widening the boulevard's intersection with Sierra Highway, which is part of a city plan to widen the boulevard to six lanes east of the Antelope Valley Freeway for 3 1/2 miles.
Adler initially began construction of 300 Herrod Boulevard on a speculative basis in mid-2004.