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Synonyms for bouldery

abounding in rocks or stones

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The different habitats covered during the study were shady moist, rocky, bouldery, dry, alpine meadow, riverine, moraines, and so forth.
After the next stile we reach Trollers Gill and follow the bouldery bed of the limestone gorge over two ladder stiles before crossing the beck.
Flying over the frozen Arctic Sea in an Otter, a blown gasket required a rapid, powerless glide to reach safety on a flat bouldery strip of shoreline on Axel Heiberg Island.
"Itokawa is probably a rubble-pile asteroid because it has a low density, a porosity of about 40%, a round shape rather than an irregular one, and a bouldery appearance," Fujiwara reported in March.
2003), a bouldery clay loam with some allophane content, derived from basalt, in Northland, and a coastal sandy soil in Manawatu (Close et al.
For dessert, Riki had Eton Mess (pounds 4.25), a bouldery mix of strawberries, cream and meringue.
Fortunately, using geophysical methods backed up by drilling, designers were able to locate a rock knoll under about 100 feet of bouldery overburden only some 200 feet from the filtration plant.
The area that Hans showed me was a very steep ridge with a loose bouldery landslide area on one side.
He initially excavated 3-4 m deep pits in the bouldery till (reinforced with timbers like a mine shaft), oriented in an east-west direction perpendicular to the direction of the movement of the glaciers, which he determined from the glacial striae.
We camped on the ridge that second night, got blasted by 40-mile-an-hour winds, and elected to lay over a day; in the morning we scrambled up through snow and bouldery scree and bagged an 8,500-foot peak.
The tea-colored small streams fish better in spring and fall, when you can pick pockets through their bouldery runs, pools, and riffles.