boulder clay

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unstratified soil deposited by a glacier


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The mineral compositions included boulder clay, single-crystal quartz, metaquartzite, and flint, among which metaquartzite and flint were the primary components; calcium metasomatism was part of the metaquartzite.
"No material was brought in at all, the technique simply rearranged naturally occurring soils so the top one became the well-drained, hard-wearing, boulder clay.
For example, they can be made up of deposits left over from the melting of ice - boulder clay - the effects of wind - sand dunes - the effects of storms - sand and shingle ridges - and the infilling of low lying basins through sea-level rise and associated sedimentation.
He said the boulder clay at Runswick Bay is easily washed away, but a new sea wall was installed in 2,000.
Designated a Site of Special Scienti.c Interest (SSSI) in 1970, it has been identi-.ed as an important example of ancient woodland of wet ash/maple types on calcareous soil over boulder clay.
Findings revealed that the cliff on which the fort and settlement of Birdoswald stand is under constant threat of erosion, caused by a combination of the river at the base of the cliff and water and frost action on the boulder clay at the top.
Chalmers classified topographical features as, i) moraines, ii) till (eschewing the traditional 'boulder clay'), iii) lake basins, iv) kames and gravel ridges (the first use of the term 'kame' in Canada), and v) terraces of the Saint John River.
A material called boulder clay was deposited on the floor of valley (Klimaszewski, 1978).
"Ploughing to such an unusual depth has turned over the turf and top soil bringing the underlying boulder clay to the surface," he explained.
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