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opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken

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BEAUTY AND FOOD Amoy Tesco Bouffe Boots Clarins clarins.
Astrocytic tumours were second most commonly observed tumours following meningioma in the studies conducted by Yavari P et al in 2006 (12) and Bouffe E et al in 2007 (15) accounting for 23.
TF: After La grande bouffe by Marco Ferreri in 1973, Cannes has been a place for scandal, and a lot of the directors this year--especially the French--are pushing the limits in terms of showing sex onscreen.
Ce film, La grande bouffe du realisateur italien Marco Ferreri (1928-1997), est une representation du processus morbide a son plus haut degre.
This was its first performance in England, and the first serious production of opera bouffe in English (Hibbert 26).
Pundits have been wagging their fingers in the last few days, saying Gadaffi may be mad but he is not stupid, but this is to underestimate the opAra bouffe quality of his regime.
Here Mort questions some of the ostensibly accepted concepts about the 1942-43 patrols--and offers a seed of the investigative focus: "Was it all just bravado, a farce, an unintentional opera bouffe, the product of a blustering middle-aged man playing at war while actually just fishing" (17)?
On les voit jeter leurs immenses filets en plein Nil esperant attraper des quantites suffisantes de poissons pour leur bouffe et souvent aussi pour la vente.
It is free to send a soldier one of these Fresspacklis/paquets de bouffe up to five kilos in weight.
No faltaba, por supuesto, La gran comilona (La grande bouffe, 1973), de Marco Ferreri, piedra de toque en la historia del genero gastronomico en el cine; y aunque la gastada alegoria que pinta a un grupo de gourmets reunidos para zamparse todo tipo de delicatessen hasta literalmente reventar, burguesia ociosa que se suicida lentamente por su gula y decadencia, peque de ingenua y dogmatica (eran los anos setenta), se rescata el expresionismo irreverente de Ferreri frente a la vision romantica, incluso mas sofisticada y educativa, de peliculas como El festin de Babette, Chocolat (Lasse Hallstrom) o Entre copas (Side Ways, 2004) de Alexander Payne.
La Bonne Bouffe, a cafe-bakery, has opened on the corner of Avenue B and Second Street.
Lecocq, Charles, Girofle-Girofla (1874), opera bouffe
He and his partner Cecile Broquaire are the co-founders of La Grande Bouffe - The Big Nosh - which for the past five years has brought a flavour of the Haute-Savoie region of France to festivals around this country.
The company was acclaimed as one of the best Opera bouffe troupes in America, whose productions had racial themes.
Originally from Newcastle but brought up in Liverpool,he says: ``I have mainly worked in restaurants in the Lake District although,many years ago,I worked in the Grande Bouffe in Castle Street in Liverpool.