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opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken

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Further success for Odell followed in opera bouffe at the Standard and Lyceum where he played a travestie role as the "boisterous and grotesque" Martha to Emily Soldene's Marguerite in H.
La Bonne Bouffe, a cafe-bakery, has opened on the corner of Avenue B and Second Street.
He and his partner Cecile Broquaire are the co-founders of La Grande Bouffe - The Big Nosh - which for the past five years has brought a flavour of the Haute-Savoie region of France to festivals around this country.
Petronius emphasizes culinary reminders of death, a literal tempus edax: bloatedness, constipation, nausea, intoxication, gas, la grande bouffe.
Originally from Newcastle but brought up in Liverpool,he says: ``I have mainly worked in restaurants in the Lake District although,many years ago,I worked in the Grande Bouffe in Castle Street in Liverpool.
I finally felt I must butt in, and got a laugh from a burnished lady near me with a good book title--Les Paras de la bouffe (The Food Paratroopers).
I am worried about this and hope he grows out of it 'cos if he starts wanting to wear round-toed cowboy boots and bouffe his hair up I will have to send him to live elsewhere for a few years.
The problem is that whenever a gnu chances to materialize in a palindrome (which they do with depressing frequency), the whole thing at once degenerates into opera bouffe.
Atkinson, who basically does an opera bouffe variation on his Mr.
The high drama that ensued featured a whiff of palace intrigue with a touch of opera bouffe.
The head has again lost out in the struggle with the stomach; nourishment for the soul and mind has been deemed less vital than filling society's ravenous appetite: "Aujourd'hui, deux de ces kiosques ont ete transformes en snacks; le reve de culture et d'elevation du pays s'est englue dans une immense bouffe, s'est noye dans une kermesse stomacale.
Vogelaar (born 1944), a "grande bouffe," a stinking linguistic brew which is later separated into vomit, excrement, phlegm, saliva, and sperm.
But Weintraub's eccentric emphases can yield substantial bonuses: It is excellent to be reminded of Auden's view in his 1942 piece, "The Fabian Figaro," that Shaw is the Rossini of English drama, who "has all the brio, the humor, the tunes, the clarity, and the virtuosity of that great master of Opera Bouffe.
One can only applaud Thomas's dismissal of what is little more than surmise, and agree wholeheartedly with his explanation of the last three lines of this stanza: |il faut de toute Evidence un mile en etat de marche; spontanement, c'est lui qu'on devine designe par <<quelqu'un qui est plein comme une barrique, car c'est de la bouffe que vient la baise>> .
La restauration est egalement prise en charge contrairement aux annees precedentes, un autre avantage venu soulager les pelerins pour qui la preparation de la bouffe etait un souci majeur.