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Synonyms for bouffant

a woman's hairstyle in which the hair gives a puffy appearance

being puffed out


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The meringue-like bouffants of Raymond Bessone (Mr Teasy Weasy).
FROM the bouffant to the Pob, one glimpse of a hairdo can date a photo, film or TV show almost to the year.
The Bouffants are "known for their big hair, bigger attitudes .
The 492 page Disposable Medical Supplies report covers the following: surgical gowns, surgical drapes, isolation gowns, surgical and examination gloves, OR custom kits and trays, non-OR custom packs, shoe covers, masks, disposable coveralls and lab coats, headwear, protective eyewear, bouffants, sterile wipes, swabs and mops.
Their son seems a nice kid at any rate, although given his parents' matching bouffants it's a miracle he doesn't emerge from his bedroom with an Amy Winehouse beehive.
And Peter's amazing body art will now form part of an exhibition called Bodies, Bouffants and Boots at Woodhorn Northumberland Museum, Archives and Country Park.
It was definitely the dark side of the Jackie moment, the dawn of Valium and cosmetic pharmacology: "deconstructed" ratted-up bouffants with lots of visible bobby pins and the bottom part hanging down, pointy early-'60s low sling-backs, handbags, cardigans, and demure skirts, some in slip material perfect for when you've woken up from your depressive afternoon nap and just want to throw on your coat over your housedress.
Every shoe has a tale to tell about the foot that once fit it and that is what organisers of the Bodies, Bouffants and Boots exhibition at Woodhorn Museum, in Ashington, want to hear about.
The Bodies, Bouffants and Boots exhibition at Woodhorn Northumberland Museum, Archives and Country Park will showcase all the region has to offer when it comes to body adornment.
Next good cause The Big Cut, to raise awareness of bad curly bouffants everywhere.
if only he'd relax his bouffant and played less of the Welsh card.