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Synonyms for bouffant

a woman's hairstyle in which the hair gives a puffy appearance

being puffed out


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We've gone for a subtle take on an old-school bouffant but the sky's the limit with this style.
Despite it being an ugly subject, Hairspray keeps it as light as a bouffant with whimsical tunes and a cross-colour love affair.
spits him out near the yellow bouffant skirts of forsythia, or later,
A Japanese woman wearing a blond bouffant wig, a white silk tunic and stiletto heels walks very, very slowly toward the footlights and declares ``Emio Greco is dead
When figures enter Soth's frame, they are almost always rich specimens of the rural grotesque, the dispersed citizenry of Sherwood Anderson and Carson McCullers; In one photo, a pinheaded bodybuilder sits with his rottweiler in a grandmotherly kitchen; in another, a woman in a bouffant poses with a framed photograph of wispy nimbus clouds that resemble an angel.
Mendez's black-and-white animations of kitchen tools projected behind a quintet of dancers, whose bouffant red skirts and black tops suggested "the sensual female figure and the fleshy characteristics of foods such as tomatoes.
Good morning, your honor," she heard Toreador Pants say behind her, and turned to see a large, scowling woman wearing judge's robes and a bouffant hairdo enter the cell carrying a big, black leather-bound ledger.
Wife mask with high black bouffant sold separately.
Clinton's admirers will be happy to learn that this softer, more glamorous bouffant is quite simple to do.
The wave of colors almost overtakes me: Women in red, fuschia, purple and turquoise grand boubous with matching head ties and beautiful, intricately braided hairstyles, and men in elegant, embroidered white caftans, bouffant pantaloons, turbans and tasseled fezzes.
In Big Bouffant , published by Carolrhoda Books, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, Annabelle doesn't want the same boring hairstyle that all the other girls have.
Of course, the bouffant is best suited to the vintage 60s look, so think pencil skirts, simple straight dresses and beautiful earrings.
When I was 20 I didn't have a care, just clothes and shoes and silly bouffant hair.
Author and food writer Carole Clements lived and worked in the food business in France for seven years, and Elizabeth Wolfe-Cohen trained at the Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris and worked for top restaurants like Dodin Bouffant, Chez Maxim and Au Quai d'Orsay.
The elder daughter of F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone looked sensational with bouffant hair, reminiscent of Raquel Welch's mane on the poster for 1966 film 'One Million Years B.