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Synonyms for bouffant

a woman's hairstyle in which the hair gives a puffy appearance

being puffed out


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We've gone for a subtle take on an old-school bouffant but the sky's the limit with this style.
If they got too scared I just pointed out that with his big mutton-chops and slightly bouffant black barnet he bore more than a passing resemblance to another loveable Welshman...
: the bouffant horse, a rider lost, the flowers of every alphabet.
So Cheryl's home from the States and we must hope it was the ill-judged bouffant and the death stares from fellow judge Paula Abdul that brought her shortlived stint on the American X Factor to a very abrupt end.
Gone are the sleek hair and mini-dress, in their place is a huge bouffant do and purple flares.
Products offered include bouffant caps, blankets, infant papoose and children's PJ bottoms and tops from toddler to size 10 to 12.
Despite it being an ugly subject, Hairspray keeps it as light as a bouffant with whimsical tunes and a cross-colour love affair.
The 29-year-old, whose nick name used to be "Mrs Bouffant" and who organised her school prom, told the networking website Friends Reunited: "Graduated last year with a BA in Geography (joy-Mr Payne paid off the old *@&*EUR%).
spits him out near the yellow bouffant skirts of forsythia, or later,
The Girl With the Golden Bouffant: An Original Jane Bond Parody.
When figures enter Soth's frame, they are almost always rich specimens of the rural grotesque, the dispersed citizenry of Sherwood Anderson and Carson McCullers; In one photo, a pinheaded bodybuilder sits with his rottweiler in a grandmotherly kitchen; in another, a woman in a bouffant poses with a framed photograph of wispy nimbus clouds that resemble an angel.
KITCHEN EXPLORED MENDEZ'S NOTION OF KITCHEN TOOLS AS, THE PROGRAM NOTED, "METAPHORS FOR THE BLENDING AND TEARING APART OF ENGLISH AND SPANISH TO FORM SPANGLISH." Mendez's black-and-white animations of kitchen tools projected behind a quintet of dancers, whose bouffant red skirts and black tops suggested "the sensual female figure and the fleshy characteristics of foods such as tomatoes."
"Good morning, your honor," she heard Toreador Pants say behind her, and turned to see a large, scowling woman wearing judge's robes and a bouffant hairdo enter the cell carrying a big, black leather-bound ledger.
Wife mask with high black bouffant sold separately.