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a lady's bedroom or private sitting room

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Lady Winwood pointed through the curtained entrance of the boudoir to the door of the drawing-room.
This drawing-room will not be lighted, and there will be only my reading-lamp here in the boudoir. I shall give the signal for leaving the dining-room earlier than usual.
While the financial discussion was still proceeding, the married lovers were ensconced together alone in the boudoir.
"What should there be?" Then catching sight of Dorcas, the parlourmaid, going into the dining-room, she called to her to bring some stamps into the boudoir.
She went into the boudoir again, and Cynthia stared after her.
Her hand clenched itself on the banisters, then she seemed to nerve herself for some encounter, and went rapidly past me down the stairs across the hall to the boudoir, the door of which she shut behind her.
"Especially after your kind offer of your own boudoir."
I am quite willing to accept the offer of your boudoir, as the expression on your part of a better frame of mind.
I offered you the use of my boudoir, as part of my atonement.
Her maid answered the telephone which was in the countess' boudoir.
My lady will be sitting in her boudoir, very much in negligee, about now.
Very softly he tiptoed up the stairs and along the gallery to the door of his wife's boudoir. In his hand was a heavy walking stick--in his heart, murder.
The blue-green boudoir looked much more cheerful when Celia was seated there in a pelisse exactly like her sister's, surveying the cameos with a placid satisfaction, while the conversation passed on to other topics.
So the two went to the dressing-room of the Princess and searched carefully in every corner and among the vases and baskets and ornaments that stood about the pretty boudoir. But not a trace could they find of the tiny creature they sought.
For there was its luxurious lace border, a thing for the soft light of the boudoir, or the secret moonlight of love's permitted eyes, alone to see, shamelessly brazening it out in this terrible sunlight.