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an antibody that can neutralize a specific toxin

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Prompt diagnosis and administration of botulism antitoxin can be lifesaving.
Even though our patient was not at a facility that stocked botulism antitoxin, we were still able to give the antitoxin within 24 hours of presentation.
A human-derived botulism antitoxin, termed "botulism immune globulin" (144), has been prepared, and a clinical trial of its efficacy when given early in the course of illness is in progress in California.
Botulism antitoxin can stop progression of paralysis if given early in the course of illness.
Although adults with botulism poisoning can be treated effectively with an equine-derived botulism antitoxin, the treatment is not used in infants because of the risk of serious side effects, such as anaphylaxis and serum sickness.
In addition, he advised all horse owners in the area to allow him to administer a botulism antitoxin. In addition, since decaying hay has also been implicated in some cases of botulism in equines, the doctor advised horse owners to be diligent in monitoring feed quality to prevent outbreaks of the disease.
State health departments should call the CDC Emergency Operations Center (770-488-7100) to arrange for rapid clinical consultation, and release of botulism antitoxin if indicated (4).