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farthest down

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In the bottommost sample (348-349 cm), no gypsum was found and mostly quartz grains are present (Figs 2, 4B).
Pakistan isn't meeting its economic potential, and some of that has to do with widespread gender equality, according to a recent research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, which shows Pakistan at the bottommost end of gender equality at work.MGI, the business and economics research arm of McKinsey and Co, judged 18 economies in the Asia-Pacific region for gender equality in work and the society in general.
Such nodes are the following: left topmost node A, right topmost node B, left bottommost node C, and right bottommost node D.
As mentioned above, the bottommost edge of the dissolution-induced aragonite depletion zone is then advected outside the system so that no aragonite is left at the bottom of the sediment, at x = L.
This is the example in bottommost right image in Fig.
Like the screens, they too remain plugged in, but only for purposes of life support, operating (just barely) at the bottommost limits of their utility.
He was older than most volunteers and essentially took a demotion to the bottommost rank of sea service.
The shells were oriented with their inner surfaces facing downward, and the PVC frame was pushed into the sediment until the bottommost shell was approximately 5 cm above the sediment surface (Parker et al.
At each iteration of route generation (shown in the bottommost box in figure 7), the new route is optimized to cover targets of high value.
It was concluded that the smallest error will result while setting up the probe parallel to the top rebar within the rebar mesh and perpendicular to bottommost rebar during measurements taken, as illustrated in Figure 5.
The circuit board of the meteorological element detection system designed the position of the meteorological element sensor to ensure a secure position of the meteorological element sensor, and the square design in the bottommost corner of PCB circuit board was mainly the reserved slot position of memory card, as shown in Figure 13.
In the proposed algorithm, a prefix tree is created from the bottommost item, where all the branches prefixing that item are taken with their TWPU values.
The directions of the velocities reflect the choice of origin to be the bottommost southeast corner of the cube.