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farthest down

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In particular, in this bottommost box in figure 7, to ensure each route returned is of high quality, we run a local search over a large number of routes and return the one with the highest total value.
Similarly [pi][i] is a right-to-left minimum (RLMin, for short) if and only if [pi][i] is the bottommost element of [pi][i:].
These important grayscale pixels are the bottommost pixels of each run-length line, thus emphasizing the bottom contour of text lines.
Canadian shibboleth; commonest verb; Mel Blanc's dialogue on The Jack Benny Program; 1/2 of M, to Gaius; sports network owned by NBC; bottommost grade; a greater general has never sat one; following glyph sideways, when seriffed; affirmative vote; sitcom's Pritchett patriarch; Schloss inspector; masculine article in La Mancha; Bond's boss; arbitrary degree; vocative ejaculation; in a pod, alike to one; it's often waited in; plaything emporium's verb of being; logograph on Kal-El's chest; links artifact; bell-wether's mate; terrorist from award-winning graphic novel; propreantepeneltimate, duplicated; variable quantity; what Al-Kwarizmi didn't know; predecessor of'Because'; oft-quoted Fantasy Island article.
5 mm width high contrast reflexive marker tape was used to wrap around topmost, bottommost, rightmost, and leftmost positions of the racket head to define plane of racket face and corresponding long axis, short axis, and Geometric String-Bed Center in captured data from the four marker points.
The work includes underwater inspections of the mooring systems from the bottommost shackle in the system up to and including the mooring ball and pickup line with a detailed reporting of findings.
For instance, on almost all the health indicators published by WHO such as life expectancy, maternal mortality rate, infant/neonatal/child mortality rate, % of underweight and undernourished children, hospital beds per 10,000 population, % of people without access to improved drinking water and sanitation, India currently ranks among bottommost countries in the world, far below all the other BRICS nations and the low-middle income nations that have achieved near universal health coverage.
In many of these works, the exposed bottommost layer is a copy of a historical painting featuring an image of a master and slave.
It's most shocking that India is being clubbed with the worst poverty-hit African countries which are ravaged by resource wars and extreme poverty which make up the bottommost bunch in the Human Development.
The scientists examined 17 'dirty ice' samples from the bottommost 12 metres of a3,000metre ice core extracted from Summit, Greenland, in 1993, looking at the concentration of a rare form of beryllium, which accumulates in soil when it's exposed to the air.
the bony fish obscuring / its bottommost floor, carcasses of mollusks / settling, casting one last blur of sand, / unable to close again.
I then put those notes away, in the bottommost drawer of a filing cabinet, thinking once again that I had satisfied my urge to come to terms with my mirror scenes.
It is therefore beneficial to introduce some amount of solution subcooling so as to maximize sensible heat transfer from the earlier tube rows while still maintaining fully-wetted thin-film evaporation conditions on the bottommost rows.
Sharp's concentrator triple-junction compound solar cells use a proprietary technology that enables the efficient conversion of sunlight into electricity by means of a stack of three photo-absorption layers, the bottommost of which is made from InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide).