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farthest down

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This is ideal because, due to the counter-flow design of the heating and solution fluid lines, the bottommost row always has the highest wall superheat and therefore produces the greatest evaporative heat transfer.
After do them like this, for bottommost rank's rectangles, or all are [T.
that it comes to lie at the right height, so that the bottommost part may putrefy all the sooner, which does not occur so readily when it lies scattered here and there; which is why the haybale, which the livestock drags about in the yard, or otherwise crumbles up, ought to be repeatedly shoveled together and thrown upon the manure pile, especially during rainy weather or when the farmhands have nothing else to do: for the thinly scattered hay will only slowly turn to decomposed manure, because it is mostly dry and consequently lacking in the requisite dampness.
For Bryn Terfel's Wanderer--his role debut--that hands-off approach did no favors until Act III, where he and Patricia Bardon as Erda (admirable, if short on the bottommost notes) made something urgent of their wonderful scene, Later, Terfeis Wanderer capitulated to his grandson to moving effect.
For example, in lists of agents from multiple states, they invariably appear at the very end, in the positions of lowest rank, indicating that they occupied the bottommost rungs of the interstate hierarchy.
The number of citations to section 6653 is shown in the bottommost region in the chart, and the label for section 6653 is upper-leftmost in the legend.
c) Leaf Nodes--The bottommost nodes in the binary tree are called leaf nodes.
47) In regard to key distributional questions, Rawls argues that self-interested individuals would vote to maxmin--have the bottommost position maximized or raised as first priority, for fear that they would find themselves occupying society's bottom rung once the veil of ignorance has been lifted.
In the set in question, between the two bottommost steel plates, leaf springs (which are also found in train buffers) were used.
The precarious journey did not end until the dead had finally reached the ninth and bottommost layer, a watery, cavelike "place of no exit" commonly known as Mictlan.
It's a way of starting at the bottommost point simply" ("Myth and Education" 68).
The story follows Jakabok Botch, a minor demon who lives in the Ninth Circle, or bottommost level of Hell.