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the property of being very deep

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This is the same landscape that Sorrentino's art-world contemporary, Robert Smithson, would characterize in his 1967 "Tour of the Monuments of Passiac, New Jersey" as "a Utopia minus a bottom." In Sorrentino, such bottomlessness suggests a trap, a sinkhole of mud (fungo = fango) where a spectacle of "flawless play" only seemingly pertains.
And it looks as if it is continuing to fall into bottomlessness." (29) He ascribes this precipitous decline in the value of experience to World War I, from which "men returned from the battlefield grown silent--not richer, but poorer in communicable experience":
Derrida describes repetition as the "bottomlessness of infinite doubling," or tracing "the self-identity of the origin." (22) Role-playing disrupts the process of signification and prevents Moll from authenticating her identity, and as Tammy Clewell suggests in her critical study on deconstructionism, role-playing may prevent an individual from reactivating and affirming the self:
Representation, especially when raised to the infinite, is shot through with a presentiment of bottomlessness. But because it has made itself infinite in order to take difference into itself, it represents the bottom as a wholly indifferent abyss, a universal without differences, a black, undifferentiated nothing.
In line 31, which describes the abyss, the gap that follows is a graphic sign of emptiness and bottomlessness. In line 42, which ends with the words 'net nichego--skorei', the blank space acts as a visual analogue for the nothingness that is described in the poetry.
I am crying and crying, a red round 0, and the curtains breathe in and out, in and out, with one of those sobs you think will never end, one that catches in the gullet and contains within it the whole stuttering suck, the bottomlessness of this.
An old literary technique buffed into new brilliance, the journey down to the lowest level of consciousness reveals the depth of Harry's depravity, the bottomlessness of his self-loathing.
But the bottomlessness of that individual trauma is not something we can afford to ignore either.
The book, any book, must be re-made, must be "ceaselessy begun and taken up again on a site which is neither in the book nor outside it," because in that "repetition," that "bottomlessness of infinite redoubling," or tracing, what disappears is "the self-identity of the origin," the deadening lack of play of self, presence, and origin (Writing 296, 298).
Is the poet not that which, in the eminent sense of the term, loses its [sic] place, ceases occupation, precisely, and is thus the very opening of space..." and "displays the bottomlessness or the excellence, the heaven that in it [sic] is possible...." For me, this is almost a siren call to be in the Diaspora--I'm sure it was the call Benjamin, that most poetic of thinkers, kept hearing.
Only Ozick's maundering mind could magically transform a common kitchen ladle into a cosmic device of human ingenuity "as it dips down, down, down into memory and imagination, into the bottomlessness of the word" (p.