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Synonyms for bottomless

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Synonyms for bottomless

having no basis or foundation in fact

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Antonyms for bottomless

extremely deep

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having no bottom


having no apparent limits or bounds

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unclothed especially below the waist or featuring such nudeness

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Perhaps best known for having defended Klaus Barbie, bottomlessly enigmatic Verges met Pol Pot when both were students at the Sorbonne, married the heroine of the Algerian War of Independence, dropped off the map from 1970-78 and was probably an instrumental go-between in a number of affairs of state involving what some would dub freedom-fighting and others would define as terrorism.
says earlier, through constant evocations of female sexuality she gives a feminine personality to "the deep": "In waves and drops comes a strange grace: the bottomlessly inhuman contracts again into the site of our becoming" (228), "the sinuous pulsing upon the waters--waters no longer tehom but mayim, materializing, wet, energetic" (236), and so forth.
The seduction concludes when Spandrell shows his victim "a portfolio full of pornographic French etchings, in which poor Harriet saw with a growing sense of horror and disgust all the actions she had so innocently and warm-heartedly accepted as love, represented in cold and lucid outlines and made to look so hideous, so low, so bottomlessly vulgar that but to glance was to hate and despise the whole human race.
It's particularly unfortunate that this weary Lolita has come to be at just the moment when the rest of the world is catching up to Nabokov, whose masterful deployment of irony is a direct ancestor to the warped, bottomlessly skeptical sensibility that many younger Americans have adopted in order simply to survive their culture.
The depressed person had shared this traumatic memory with members of her Support System and had tried to articulate how bottomlessly horrible she had felt it would have been to have been that nameless pathetic boy on the phone and how now, as a legacy of that experience, she dreaded, more than almost anything, the thought of ever being someone you had to appeal silently to someone nearby to help you contrive an excuse to get off the phone with.