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low-lying alluvial land near a river


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2 percent came from working bottomland hardwood forests, also consisting of undersized or understory wood, and tops and limbs.
In 1981, Heitneyer and Frederickson co-authored a scientific paper that proved North American mallard populations were significantly impacted by conditions in bottomland hardwood wetlands during winter in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.
We used Duncan's multiple range test to examine within season selection of habitats (the major types used were pasture, oak-hickory, bottomland hardwoods, early succession forest (< 30 yrs), intermediate succession (30-60 yrs), mixed conifer-hardwoods (< 40 yrs), and cottonwood plantations.
Today, in Michigan, it is a felony to remove or disturb any artifacts from state bottomlands.
There are several cover types in bottomland forests in the southern region that have relatively open canopies and well-developed lower layers of vegetation including two recognized by Eyre (1980): sugarberry-American elm-green ash (C.
An overall goal of Refuge personnel is to restore, protect, and manage the bottomland hardwood ecosystem and associated habitats for migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, and indigenous fish and wildlife, while striving to develop citizen understanding and support for the protection of natural resources by providing wildlife-related education and recreation opportunities (McCoy 2008).
Large tracts of bottomland hardwood forests with suitable large diametertrees are necessal-v to maintain populations of RBEB and SEM (Clark, 1990).
But your early sky was different than mine, as I drifted up from bottomland, snagged by grab-vines & bullfrog lingo in a bluesy grotto.
Some plants, such as many of the Mediterranean herbs, need dry, sandy soil conditions, while others require a moist, bottomland type of soil.
Patterson and Clark 1988); yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera; Patterson and Clark 1992); red pine (Pinus resinosa), northern red oak (Quercus rubra), and yellow poplar (Patterson and Wiant 1993); bottomland hardwoods (Leahart et al.
Soils of basin bottomland, alluvial fans, and stream bank do not present any fertility problems because year after year the runoff scatters and deposits on the fields a large amount of sediments that not only restore nutrients, but also increase the soil thicknesses.
the bottomland and the timberland beneath the canoe and the full
Known as the Bayou Rouge Mitigation Area (BRMA), RES will restore acquired land to a bottomland hardwood forest and bald cypress swamp by restoring surface hydrology, conducting tree and vegetation plantings, and providing effective management throughout the life of the BRMA.
But relentless hunting and the disappearance of the ivory-bill's habitat in southern bottomland forests took their toll.
2-ha bottomland hardwood forest along the Olentangy River in central Ohio, USA.