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Synonyms for bottomland

low-lying alluvial land near a river


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An area of particular concern was the conversion of bottomland hardwoods along the lower Mississippi River, the Delta region.
Around 70,000 acres of land open to public hunting border the waterway, mostly bottomland hardwoods.
But decades of combined natural and artificial flooding in Arkansas' bottomland hardwoods have significantly impacted the health of the native trees and composition of the forest where greentree reservoirs exist.
Large tracts of bottomland hardwood forests with suitable large diametertrees are necessal-v to maintain populations of RBEB and SEM (Clark, 1990).
The Model 930 autoloader and Model 835 Ulti-Mag pump guns are chambered for 3.5-inch shells, and each is now available in black and Mossy Oak Bottomland camo versions for duck and turkey hunters.
Most species do well in moderate- to well-drained upland areas but in wetter bottomland soil wheat, varieties of white clovers and Matua prairie grass would be the best choices.
The assets included 18 mineral packages and a 237-acre Rush Creek Bottomland farm in Garvin County.
It should be lined by rare Midwestern bottomland and oak savannas.
Southern hunters pioneered this pattern, and Bottomland has had a resurgence in recent years, namely because it is such a versatile pattern.
Are bottomland hardwood stands--the source of the mill's timber for more than a century--becoming exhausted?
Credit goes to the municipality that cooperates with the Pedagogical Faculty of Trnava University.Six informative boards lead visitors through an ecosystem of bottomland forests, wetlands and meadows.
At the same time, we did coincidence studies with ecology of bottomland hardwoods."
Available in retro-cool Mossy Oak Bottomland or Obsession.
Moist soil units, lakeplain prairie, and bottomland hardwood forests demonstrated high habitat suitability for white-tailed deer but were not significantly different from one another.