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Antonyms for bottomed

having a bottom of a specified character


References in classic literature ?
See, it's bottomed with a steel plate, and the plate is fastened on with little screws.
Three chairs and a couple of straw- bottomed armchairs stood about the room, and on a low chest of drawers in walnut wood stood a basin, and a ewer of obsolete pattern with a lid, which was kept in place by a leaden rim round the top of the vessel.
Two women, one fat and the other slim, sat on straw- bottomed chairs, knitting black wool.
The bedsteads stood one on each side of the door; and on the inner side of each was a little path, terminating in a rush- bottomed chair, just wide enough to admit of a person's getting into or out of bed, on that side, if he or she thought proper.
Despite these indications of slower growth, we are seeing steady activity levels with modest occupancy increases in some markets and believe rental rates have bottomed in the majority of them.