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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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In the former, bottom-feeding scenario so the theory goes--all sorts of at best unimportant and at worst downright hideous items are painlessly removed from an institution's collection, which brings in a little money, but more positively frees up a combination of storage space and staff time.
The Raiders also have a favorable matchup against bottom-feeding Jacksonville, who is 23rd in pass defense.
The problem I see is low prices on bottom-feeding Internet gun sites.
The affect here is not so much nostalgic "retro" as bottom-feeding punk thrift store, or, better yet, one of those giant, folksy automobile-crushing facilities from the Tarantino Los Angeles of Pulp Fiction.
Noda, an unassuming conservative who has compared himself to the 'dojo' loach, a bottom-feeding fish, faces a long list of challenges as the third premier since his Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) took power in 2009.
I was desperately conscious that when the time came, not to eat like John Torode, with a face like a bottom-feeding catfish while clanking my front teeth with my cutlery, or to make daft faces like his partner-in-crime Greg Wallace, as far removed from the vision of a foodie as you can get, a loud, East-End geezer and Millwall fan, who says 'this soowse has loads of depff
HOPEWELL: Researcher Matt Balazik wears his passion for saving the Atlantic sturgeon on his right arm - a tattoo of the ancient fish - and lives it by counting the bottom-feeding giants in the James River.
The night Zinos meets Shayn, he also runs into Neumann (Wotan Wilke ME[micro]hring), an elementary school classmate who has devolved into the lowest species of bottom-feeding real-estate developer.
The open-water, slimmer ones mate with their own kind, and the larger, bottom-feeding ones mate With theirs.
excuse these dark, bottom-feeding things I tend to let rise into
The aliens are called "prawns" because they resemble bottom-feeding crustaceans and they are multiplying rapidly.
These tarpon aren't beach cruisers like the fish back in June and July, but are much more inclined to be bottom-feeding scavengers.
A bottom-feeding robot named TROL (tracked robotic offshore logger), is covering 75,000 square metres of seabed this summer while it picks out radioactive cell particles hiding in the silt.
One ponders that as we see the fresh faces in Washington replace the bullheads who've been bottom-feeding for eight painful years, and one is full of hope that the replacements will do the right thing and serve the common good, but then we are the same people who planned to converse in French about toothaches, and that didn't happen either.
We've seen some huge swing-backs and that might reflect a substantial amount of bottom-feeding driven by local investors coming back," said Raj Madha, director of equity research at EFG-Hermes.