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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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In the former, bottom-feeding scenario so the theory goes--all sorts of at best unimportant and at worst downright hideous items are painlessly removed from an institution's collection, which brings in a little money, but more positively frees up a combination of storage space and staff time.
These "savvy shoppers" use my store as a walk-in showroom for these bottom-feeding websites.
excuse these dark, bottom-feeding things I tend to let rise into
A bottom-feeding robot named TROL (tracked robotic offshore logger), is covering 75,000 square metres of seabed this summer while it picks out radioactive cell particles hiding in the silt.
One ponders that as we see the fresh faces in Washington replace the bullheads who've been bottom-feeding for eight painful years, and one is full of hope that the replacements will do the right thing and serve the common good, but then we are the same people who planned to converse in French about toothaches, and that didn't happen either.
We've seen some huge swing-backs and that might reflect a substantial amount of bottom-feeding driven by local investors coming back," said Raj Madha, director of equity research at EFG-Hermes.
Even then, DeLorenzo uses the company to make a point about how Toyota has a better relationship with suppliers than the Detroit manufacturers tend to, and there probably aren't too many suppliers who would disagree with DeLorenzo's assessment: "Unless Detroit fundamentally changes its approach to the whole supplier issue, they will end up bottom-feeding for parts around the world and throwing their lot in with the lowest-common-denominator supplier/flavor of the month that will give them exactly what they ask for and deserve.
Not only does it provide many of them with a resting place, but the ice also gives rise to a specific food chain--one that supports bottom-feeding species, like crabs and gray whales.
So in the loss column, they're five games behind division-leading San Diego and seven ahead of bottom-feeding Colorado.
Bottom-feeding people onto the property ladder with cheaper houses merely enables more people to afford to exploit those who can't.
The species--as expected--varied significantly in their mercury content, with large predatory tuna containing the most and bottom-feeding flounder the least.
A fat, bottom-feeding fish that spends most of its day gulping at the sky in hopes of catching falling crumbs.
Another Circ Warning -- Deutsche Bank says there's too much bottom-feeding, paid circ is in a troubling decline, and they expect another crisis to hit a major newspaper soon.
The book champions the efforts of small communities, which are, the author says, "certainly one of the few places in the world where the scions of great moneyed families are socially and politically outranked by persons who earn their living stuffing rotten herring in nylon bags in an effort to ensnare large bottom-feeding bugs.
ByMayof2004, it had added $100 back to its price, but the first half of 2004 saw it struggling to break out of its bottom-feeding trough.