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Synonyms for bottom-feeder

a scavenger that feeds low on the food chain

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a fish that lives and feeds on the bottom of a body of water

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Roque, survey bottom-feeder, to file COC for senator
The theory is that the fresh water helps flush mud out of the bottom-feeder's digestive tract, making for tastier eating.
Oregon opened Mark Helfrich's final season with a 53-28 victory over UC Davis, a bottom-feeder in the Big Sky.
Perhaps due to some engrained anthropomorphism in all of us, it can be difficult for a newbie to arrow a furry creature, yet running a fish arrow through a whiskered, scaly bottom-feeder is no problem.
No entrepreneur is looking for a shadow CEO and should thus be wary of the shark angel, a bottom-feeder whose underlying motivation is to take advantage of a business balance sheet, poor counsel or negotiation skills, and hopes to inevitably control the company, intellectual property and other assets.
McConaughey plays criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller, a notorious bottom-feeder whose office is the back of a Lincoln Town Car and who counts his retainers by shaking the envelopes.
Why yes, it's the gentle coelacanth, nocturnal bottom-feeder and relic of the Cretaceous period.
But when the conditions are right, this prototypical bottom-feeder will look up and charge a topwater plug until it's latched tight to trebles.
"When I counter and get no response, that's when you know the person is a bottom-feeder ...
As primary care physicians, we are the economic bottom-feeders of the medical field, and even high school students are aware of this.
There, they are eaten by crabs and other small creatures, which in turn feed walruses and other bottom-feeders.
Secondly, it makes sense that all those bottom-feeders we ship abroad each year - like the Liscard gent who was this week fined in Zante for running through Laganas with his pants round his ankles - will stay here instead.
Sea of Tranquility, which opens in February at the Atlantic Theater Company, is a sad, testy comedy peopled by neurotics, convicts, rebellious teenagers and bottom-feeders who've overstayed their welcome.
To paraphrase one practitioner, "We are aggressive but prudent: we attract the kind of companies we want and avoid the bottom-feeders."
14 SCIENCE, Schluter and his colleagues reported more than 700 mating-choice experiments that mixed and matched all permutations of bottom-feeders and cruisers from the various lakes.