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Synonyms for bottom-feeder

a scavenger that feeds low on the food chain

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a fish that lives and feeds on the bottom of a body of water

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Will some bottom-feeder attorney get the aggrieved family of the perpetrator to file a wrongful death suit?
The Hawks desperately need to take advantage of an upcoming three-game homestand against bottom-feeders Buffalo (7-17-4), Arizona (7-18-5) and Florida (10-13-4) to regain confidence and keep Western Conference wild-card teams in their sights.
Carp are bottom-feeders, and as they search for food they stir up mud.
Now all of these grand plans are being sorted through by Wall Street's bottom-feeders - the distressed-debt investors--who are searching for fragments of assets they can monetize or trade.
The turnaround never happened as rivals Green Bay Packers and Vikings went on good runs to come out as division contenders while the Bears became the bottom-feeders.
A great white shark in an ocean of bottom-feeders, his rousing pleas for Scotland to remain part of the UK was the stuff of a man driven by a great hurt, a passion for the hardships of ordinary people.
Old computers often contain valuable information that may be of interest to crooks and other bottom-feeders.
We have our bottom-feeders - obese doves that linger underneath the feeders to gather the fallout.
While Bees have a game in hand they must also face Worcester and Bedford, whereas Mose go on to play fellow bottom-feeders Plymouth, Rotherham and Esher in a run of games that could help them gain a couple more points to carry into the play-offs.
For the bottom-feeders and minnow munchers common in so many northern natural lakes, there's a mix of walleye sizes, with small fish more common since they're more abundant.
As primary care physicians, we are the economic bottom-feeders of the medical field, and even high school students are aware of this.
They have shown just as much aptitude for beating the NBA's elite as losing to its bottom-feeders, the latest example coming Saturday against the Hornets.
There, they are eaten by crabs and other small creatures, which in turn feed walruses and other bottom-feeders.
Secondly, it makes sense that all those bottom-feeders we ship abroad each year - like the Liscard gent who was this week fined in Zante for running through Laganas with his pants round his ankles - will stay here instead.
Sea of Tranquility, which opens in February at the Atlantic Theater Company, is a sad, testy comedy peopled by neurotics, convicts, rebellious teenagers and bottom-feeders who've overstayed their welcome.