bottom line

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the last line in an audit

the decisive point

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Bottom Line students will be recognized for their accomplishments.
Bottom line: Snuck in from 2007, this very popular book by a very successful teacher actually discusses methods for teaching the best literature and using libraries.
Bottom line: Acuff, third at the Prefontaine Classic, has cleared 6-5 this season, while Spence has jumped 6-2 and Bowman 6-1 1/2 .
Wasserman said Bottom Line's mission is to match students to appropriate colleges so that they can graduate with a useful degree, a debt load that is manageable and skills that make them marketable and employable in the community.
At Mission Federal, Your Success is our Bottom Line. To learn more, visit
As was expected, the bank's large exposure to the securities market had negative consequences for the bottom line, as RoE decreased sharply.
Bottom line: Coatney presents a collection of thoughtful issue papers by school library greats.
NSBA's The Bottom Line will be featured in the NSBA Advocate and on-line at
Bottom line: Four-time USA champion Kreiner on a roll but Spotakova should have edge, having already thrown 213-10 this season.
Bottom line: Orange juice is a healthy beverage (though your waistline might not like the 110 calories in each 8-oz.
Now, spurred largely by deregulation in energy markets, the real estate management industry is undergoing a radical sea change--from simple service provider charged with safeguarding a property's bottom line, to strategic partner capable of boosting a building's bottom line, and even enhancing the book value of the property itself.
Bottom line. This is the first time the federal government has designated an element of compliance programs mandatory for certain providers as a condition of participation in a federal healthcare program.