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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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The package rates start at Php23,000++ (lean season), Php26,000++ (peak season), and Php34,000++ (super peak season) in a Hillside Room inclusive of delightful daily buffet breakfast at the Ocean Restaurant, a Php3,000 food and beverage credit at all dining outlets, your choice of island adventure (either bottom fishing or an island tour), and round trip boat and land transfers from and to the Francisco B.
Happy Days rates for trolling and bottom fishing, on a 31-foot (accommodating up to 10 people) open fishing boat, is as low as Dh150 per person for four hours.
With one of the largest deep-sea fishing fleets in the world, the EU is in a unique position to assert global leadership in protecting vulnerable deep-sea species and ecosystems from the harmful impact of bottom fishing," said Matthew Gianni, deep sea policy adviser to the Pew Environment Group.
After the prohibition of bottom fishing at one site, both colonial and noncolonial species increased in abundance.
When you get a down day like yesterday, invariably some people will come in for some bottom fishing and take advantage of a short-term move, which is what happened at the open, but most investors are cautious, so there wasn't much follow through," adds Lotfy.
Liam uses his boat Kiwi Girl for all types of sea angling, - shark, tuna and general bottom fishing.
Some clients are telling us, this is bottom fishing time," Arian says.
Investors start bottom fishing, buying back stocks at a lower price," adds Clark.
But just as last week's slide seemed to climax when the overall loss exceeded 10 percent, Tuesday's drop also sparked a wave of bottom fishing among some of the most popular names.
Many charter boats are ready to take you bottom fishing, deep sea fishing or just up the Caloosahatchee River with a flats boat where you can enjoy a wonderful relaxing day with some great fishing.
During the rest of the morning, Greg and his wife Kristen, along with William McAvoy, Mike and Cory Brandt, enjoyed some of Amelia Island's best bottom fishing action.
Deeper ledges produce excellent fishing this time of year--both trolling and bottom fishing.
Whether fishing inshore, offshore or deep-sea bottom fishing for Snapper and Grouper, the Crystal Coast offers charter boat captains and head boats to suit every angler's lifestyles and needs.
Bottom fishing may be for the brave, but it needn't be a fruitless exercise.