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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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Happy Days rates for trolling and bottom fishing, on a 31-foot (accommodating up to 10 people) open fishing boat, is as low as Dh150 per person for four hours.
Because bottom fishing can kill and injure benthic invertebrates that are either caught as bycatch or crushed underneath fishing gear, heavily fished areas often exhibit decreased abundance, biomass, and diversity of epifauna (Collie et al., 1997).
Boeing remains a wild card after its 737 debacle, though bottom fishing may help stabilize its share price after its 12% tumble in March.
When not fishing competitively in a variety of tournament trails throughout Florida, Minia and his wife Alicia like to run their 27-foot Onslow Bay with twin Mercury Verado 350s over to Bimini and break out the bottom fishing gear.
Specialize deep water trolling and bottom fishing. Come enjoy a fun family outing with a day of fishing!
The package rates start at Php23,000++ (lean season), Php26,000++ (peak season), and Php34,000++ (super peak season) in a Hillside Room inclusive of delightful daily buffet breakfast at the Ocean Restaurant, a Php3,000 food and beverage credit at all dining outlets, your choice of island adventure (either bottom fishing or an island tour), and round trip boat and land transfers from and to the Francisco B.
The match, from the South Gare to Skinningrove Jetty, is bottom fishing only, with cork trace.
The new regulation specifies areas that are restricted and/or closed to bottom fishing in order to ensure seamount protection.
Normally, bottom fishing regulations are published by Jan.
The devices are said to be great for trolling, casting, jigging, drifting, and bottom fishing. They reportedly work well in fresh or salt water.
In existing product, the higher occupancy rates have meant that owners have less pressure to make "bottom fishing" deals.
The improvement in risk appetite comes amid some words of confidence from President Trump's economic advisor regarding Fed Chairman Powell and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and reports of strong Christmas/holiday sales, which are encouraging some bottom fishing. The S&P 500 has bounced 2.9%, with the Dow up 2.7%, and that's knocked bond yields 3 to 5 bps higher.
Good example: trolling from one bottom fishing spot to another.
The EU's fisheries ministers, meeting in Brussels on 15 July, adopted a regulation on the protection of vulnerable deep sea marine ecosystems from the harmful effects of the use of bottom fishing gears, confirming the political agreement reached on 24 June.
Companies which have been 'bottom fishing' are finding compelling lease packages.