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fish that live on the sea bottom (particularly the commercially important gadoid fish like cod and haddock, or flatfish like flounder)


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I have zero desire to bottom fish in India, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Indonesia since their macro metrics (current account deficits, inflation, fiscal deficit, banking leverage etc.) make them uninvestible at current level.
Greenlings are bottom fish that live around rock reefs in coastal waters, the paper said.
Some will move the top and bottom fish of column 3 to column 1, but eventually they will move the top and bottom fish of column 4 to column 2.
It is difficult to operate rental housing in this regulated environment, Margulies observed, warning, "Don't bottom fish -- you cherry pick -- otherwise it's too dangerous."
Since the lingcod is considered one of the more tasty bottom fish, the higher limit is expected to make bottom-fishing a little more attractive.
Model it after the Gulf Reef Fish Survey endorsement, which is free and required of anglers targeting snappers and other bottom fish in the Gulf.
If the yelloweye harvest does not show evidence of a significant drop by late summer, the PFMC said it will order a midseason shutdown of all recreational jigging for bottom fish outside the 20 fathom line.
Silverstein said there is a ton of equity capital available from, among others, pension funds and bottom fish funds.
Late summer's long days are the perfect time for dropping down deep for swords and bottom fish.
Anglers have both of these great-eating bottom fish to catch in July.
The surrounding depths ranged from 45 to 52 feet, with steeper rock ledges holding concentrations of baitfish and bottom fish.
Live baits like shrimp, pilchards or ballyhoo are great baits for the bottom fish and a chunk of a fresh frozen Spanish sardine will get you plenty of strikes.
Black sea bass and grey (aka mangrove) snapper are great fish to catch and in most cases are easier to find than the more glamorous and popular bottom fish. Both sea bass and mangrove snapper are often found in the same offshore locations as red snapper and grouper but they aren't as heavily fished and also occur closer inshore.