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fish that live on the sea bottom (particularly the commercially important gadoid fish like cod and haddock, or flatfish like flounder)


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When surf gets rough after storms, coastal estuaries are a good spot to hook perch and other bottom fish that take refuge from the elements.
As predicted, McFadden's fishing party began hooking much larger bottom fish some 20 minutes into fishing over the 5-foot rock ledge.
I have zero desire to bottom fish in India, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Indonesia since their macro metrics (current account deficits, inflation, fiscal deficit, banking leverage etc.
The Fisheries Agency said that though overall contamination levels in fishes near the surface and at medium depths have been declining, but, relatively high levels of radioactive Cesium continue to be detected in bottom fish, such as greenling and flounder, and in fresh water fish regardless of their usual depth, it added.
Some will move the top and bottom fish of column 3 to column 1, but eventually they will move the top and bottom fish of column 4 to column 2.
The biggest challenge to catching a limit of bottom fish is getting away from the scads of red snapper covering the reefs and wrecks.
When the season is closed in the Gulf for many of the popular bottom fish, it's tempting to stay off the water, but there are some other perfectly good options that are available.
As the season's bait migrations move from the bay to the ocean they attract the attention of migratory fish, plus bottom fish like the snappers, groupers, porgies and grunts.
Will you fish the flats, bottom fish, troll blue water, fish bays and rivers or a combination?
Drift-fishing large areas is the way to bottom fish the Keys in the hotter months.
Since the lingcod is considered one of the more tasty bottom fish, the higher limit is expected to make bottom-fishing a little more attractive.
If the yelloweye harvest does not show evidence of a significant drop by late summer, the PFMC said it will order a midseason shutdown of all recreational jigging for bottom fish outside the 20 fathom line.
Silverstein said there is a ton of equity capital available from, among others, pension funds and bottom fish funds.
You can drift the edges marking rocks to target grouper and other bottom fish.
notes that "With crude oil at a 25 year inflation-adjusted low and demand for natural gas not getting its winter spike due to extreme unseasonal weather, this year's conference represents an historical opportunity for contrarian investors to bottom fish for micro-cap oil and gas investment opportunities.