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Synonyms for bottom

Synonyms for bottom

a side or surface that is below or under

a very low level, position, or degree

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

the part of one's back on which one rests in sitting

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for bottom

the lower side of anything

the lowest part of anything

the second half of an inning

low-lying alluvial land near a river


Related Words

provide with a bottom or a seat

strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom

come to understand

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situated at the bottom or lowest position


the lowest rank

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References in classic literature ?
So he commanded Tip to take off Jack's head and lie down with it in the bottom of the nest, and when this was done he ordered the Woggle-Bug to lie beside Tip.
When the sailor withdrew his hand and looked at the piece of money within, he dropped fainting to the bottom of the boat.
Clayton heard the man shuffling about in the bottom of the boat.
Again Clayton essayed to stagger on to meet his fate, but once more he pitched headlong to the boat's bottom, nor, try as he would, could he again rise.
A town built at the bottom of this circular cavity would have been utterly inaccessible.
Indeed, nature had not left the bottom of this crater flat and empty.
He died two years afterwards, still raving about the treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea.
The water is so transparent that the bottom can easily be discerned at the depth of twenty-five or thirty feet.
The shore is composed of a belt of smooth rounded white stones like paving-stones, excepting one or two short sand beaches, and is so steep that in many places a single leap will carry you into water over your head; and were it not for its remarkable transparency, that would be the last to be seen of its bottom till it rose on the opposite side.
But, as I was looking over the surface, I saw here and there at a distance a faint glimmer, as if some skater insects which had escaped the frosts might be collected there, or, perchance, the surface, being so smooth, betrayed where a spring welled up from the bottom.
Of the top 10 districts for electricity availability, eight are from KP and of the bottom 10, five are from AJK and 10 from Balochistan.
Old time partyboat skippers tell of reading the bottom with a sounding lead on a heaving line.
Their safest campaign under him was his first when they spent only 26 weeks in the bottom six.
On the other hand, proponents of globalization and global trade believe that millions of people at the bottom in the developing and underdeveloped world have been lifted as nations open up their markets and implement the so-called Washington Consensus; that is, a laundry list of prerequisites a nation state must follow to qualify for World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans.
4, the entire CP system shall become inoperative if--due to the movement of the bottom plate during loading/ unloading of tank storage contents or due to non-uniform sagging/settlement of tank foundation --there is any physical contact or electrical short circuit between the mixed metal oxide mesh ribbon anode/conductor bar and the tank bottom plate at any location.