bottlenose whale

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northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead

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A northern bottlenose whale, showing bulbous forehead and beak
Northern bottlenose whales have extremely bulbous heads with a protruding "bottle-shaped" beak similar to that of a bottlenose dolphin but are much larger than their dolphin counterpart.
NEWS that the bottlenose whale in the Thames died of, amongst other things, dehydration got me thinking: How then do whales drink?
Deep-diving behaviour of the northern bottlenose whale, Hyperoodon ampullatus (Cetacea:Ziphiidae).
At the very beginning of that year, a northern bottlenose whale was discovered swimming in the River Thames to the shock of many onlookers.
The magnificent North Atlantic bottlenose whale was discovered behind Presthaven Sands, at Gronant Sands, Prestatyn, on Saturday.
A DESPERATE bid to save Bobby the bottlenose whale began yesterday after he swam into the shallow waters of the Clyde.
BDMLR volunteers were also involved in the attempted rescue of the bottlenose whale which swam up the River Thames in London in January 2006 and became stranded.
IN JANUARY, Londoners swarmed to the banks and bridges of the Thames to catch a glimpse of the northern bottlenose whale which had made its way to the capital.
At 7.06pm rescue leader Alan Knight announced that the young bottlenose whale had lost his battle for life on board the barge carrying him back to the open sea.
DOZENS of volunteers join emergency services on a Chilean beach to save a beached bottlenose whale this week.
A DESPERATE bid began to save Bobby the bottlenose whale yesterday after he swam into the shallow waters of the Clyde.
SIGHTINGS of what is thought to be a northern bottlenose whale in the River Clyde last night sparked a rescue operation.