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northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead

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A bottlenose whale of similar size to Bobby swam up the Thames in 2006 but died despite repeated rescue bids.
This is not the first time Britain has received a rare visit from the bottlenose whale, which can grow to 10 metres.
the bottlenose whale which drew the crowds in London earlier this year.
There is evidence that the beaked whales, including the deep-diving northern bottlenose whale, are especially vulnerable to loud noise.
We examined and compared the reactions of northern bottlenose whales (Hyperoodon ampullatus) to biopsy darting and tagging.
Crowds line the banks of the Clyde to catch a glimpse of the whale A Northern Bottlenose whale swimming in the River Clyde
In January, Londoners swarmed to the banks and bridges of the Thames, captivated by the first ever sighting of a northern bottlenose whale in the capital.
The bottlenose whale which became stranded in the Thames.
It was Wilma, an 18ft northern bottlenose whale, now sadly departed, who took a wrong turn and ended up in the Thames.
The 20ft northern bottlenose whale was tenderly lifted on to a barge to be carried back to the sea.
IN January of this year, London had a new tourist attraction when a Northern Bottlenose whale took a wrong turn and ended up stranded in the River Thames.
One of them, Kate Grellier, said: "It was the first, and probably the last, time I will ever see a Bottlenose Whale in the flesh and alive.
The story behind the northern bottlenose whale that travelled 1,500 miles from home to the capital last January, where it died in the Thames.
THIS was the sad scene on a southwestern beach yesterday as rescuers desperately tried to push a 20ft bottlenose whale back to sea.