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northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead

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Abundance of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the coastal Gulf of Mexico.
Joy Downes and her husband Lee were sailing along the north coast of Anglesey when they spotted a pod of around 40 bottlenose and Risso dolphins.
Northern bottlenose whales have a bulbous forehead with a protruding beak, like an exaggerated version of typical bottlenose dolphins.
"Volunteer photographer Ken Barnett had an epic early-morning shift at Strumble Head on Sunday morning, with three species of cetacean, including harbour porpoise, Risso's dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.
A post published on the Ribride Facebook page, said: "The Bottlenose Dolphin are back in Menai Bridge, also a large pod of Commons have been sighted at Llanddwyn Island.
The dolphin appears to be thriving and was accompanied by a group of 20 other bottlenoses.
Investigators are also looking at the salinity levels as bottlenose dolphins are usually found in waters with high saline levels.
Bottlenose dolphins normally inhabit temperate and tropical waters though a small population of around 200 is known to call the North Sea home.
"Our anatomical observations suggest the clitoris is functional in bottlenose dolphins, but further research, including physiological and behavioural analyses, are necessary to test if sexual experiences can be pleasurable for female dolphins."
The previous day, the skipper had enjoyed "calm seas, a single puffin, lots of new born pups topped off with Bottlenose Dolphins playing with Serenity I and II".
The bottlenose was one of a pod of around 10 which put on a spectacular display under the gaze of singer Russell Hastings and his family as they cruised in their motor boat.
"Clet" is a solitary travelling bottlenose dolphin who has appeared off the Pembrokeshire coast for the first time in three years.
Breathtaking footage shot off the Northumberland coast shows playful pods of more than 100 bottlenose dolphins splashing in the sea.