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feed (infants) with a bottle

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More women bottlefeed than could reasonably need to and we need to do more to tackle this.
As more and more women join the workforce, they think it more convenient to bottlefeed their babies with formula, especially where maternity protection is weak.
Her mum June made her bottlefeed Liz and care for her but it soon became apparent the wild child couldn't be tamed, even by a baby.
A: YES many women find they regain their figures sooner than women who bottlefeed.
However, it now appears possible that mothers who breastfeed their newborns will have accelerated healing of tissue damage compared with mothers who bottlefeed.
The influence of organizations such as WHO is profound and often results in women from developing nations choosing to bottlefeed where they have little access to the pure water supply needed for success.
I grew up in the UK so I knew what my children needed as babies and I could make an informed choice about whether to breast or bottlefeed.
But he now can't even help Gillian bottlefeed Jack and even lifting the kettle or holding a shopping bag has been made impossible.
Some moms exclusively breastfeed; some exclusively bottlefeed formula.
Emma Neat, 27, of Coundon, Coventry, mum of five-weekold Josiah, Malachi, aged four, and one-year-old Elijah who runs two toddler groups in Spon End said: "Breastfeeding is free and very easy to do - I couldn't afford to bottlefeed.
"One of the nurses thought she was being kind and started to bottlefeed Lauren to give me a break.
Well before delivery, decide whether you're going to breastfeed or bottlefeed and prepare for it.
UNTIL APRIL 30: Help bottlefeed lambs at a working farm this Easter.
Lynn said: ``Len used to bottlefeed her on the couch in front of the TV when she was a joey.
Of the total sample, 57.8% reported that they were breastfed as infants; the remainder reported that they were bottlefeed or that they did not know.