bottled gas

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hydrocarbon gases, usually propane or butane, kept under pressure

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In the same province, 10 people were killed and another 24 hurt when a van hit a truck carrying bottled gas.
Spokesman Eamon Timmons told Social Protection Minister Eamon O Cuiv at a pre-Budget forum in Dublin the cost of key services for pensioners, such as bottled gas, solid fuel, hospital services and health insurance, had soared.
This would eliminate the need for bottled gas for each flat, solve massive transportation and delivery problems and create safer buildings.
In addition, the on demand functionality of the MIDIGAS and MAXIGAS generators allows users to overcome the environmental issues associated with road transport of bottled gas and the unpredictability of fluctuating gas prices, while operating from a small compressor facilitates low energy consumption.
The couple cooked their turkey in an oven powered by bottled gas because of an electricity failure.
Instead, they cooked their turkey in an oven powered by bottled gas - and had to settle for lamps and candles and a battery driven radio for entertainment.
It costs her nearly pounds 50 a week in bottled gas for the heaters, but now the battle to keep warm is being lost.
The chance of getting bottled gas in a remote village is virtually nil, but you can buy paraffin from lots of settlements, and sometimes even passing horsemen will sell you a couple of litres.
No external bottled gas is necessary, thereby eliminating potential manual handling and safety risks.
A TYCOON whose "gargantuan" scam led to his bottled gas company collapsing benefited from his crimes by a staggering pounds 13m.
The project covers installation of more than 350 km of polyethylene-lined pipes to connect residential and commercial properties to the national gas grid, plus about 2,500 residential gas metres, the conversion of the existing bottled gas networks to natural gas, and construction of primary and secondary pressure-reduction stations.
Electric fan models, bottled gas ones and several paraffin types were tested, and it was clear that each has its own pros and cons, according to the report, which appears in the November issue of the magazine.
Bottled into tubes under pressure and sold as bottled gas also called LPG.
British fuel cell company Ceres Power recently announced the achievement of a "key technical milestone" -- establishing that the company's fuel cell (FC) can be engineered into a power generating system fueled by bottled gas.
That was an interesting interview, but I would have to question this idea that bottled gas provides a cleaner alternative to firewood for Africa.