bottled gas

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hydrocarbon gases, usually propane or butane, kept under pressure

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Bottled gas is sold at high pressure, to enable smaller footprint, and regulated down.
Prior to Whisper series instruments, users relied on larger pumps or supply sources, higher feed pressures, or the use of more bottled gas to overcome pressure drop requirements imposed by mass flow instrumentation.
Someone should have had the foresight to install those outlets, so that everyone can use it instead of just petrol and diesel cars and will they be selling bottled gas as quite a lot of people in the area use it?
The price rises range from more than 50% for bottled gas used for cooking, 33% for diesel and kerosine for transport and heating and a 14% on lower grade gasoline.
Police said a truck carrying bottled gas was in collision with another lorry carrying a green combine harvester parked in a lay-by.
Mr Shephard owns one of the units which contains bottled gas and sportswear.
They must rely on far more costly sources of heating: bottled gas, tanks of oil or bags of coal.
Murtaza Mughal said that officials of petroleum ministry and distributors have often dubbed bottled gas producers as LPG mafia in national assembly standing committees, ECC meetings and on other forums but no serious action has ever been initiated.
In the same province, 10 people were killed and another 24 hurt when a van hit a truck carrying bottled gas.
Spokesman Eamon Timmons told Social Protection Minister Eamon O Cuiv at a pre-Budget forum in Dublin the cost of key services for pensioners, such as bottled gas, solid fuel, hospital services and health insurance, had soared.
"This would eliminate the need for bottled gas for each flat, solve massive transportation and delivery problems and create safer buildings."
In addition, the on demand functionality of the MIDIGAS and MAXIGAS generators allows users to overcome the environmental issues associated with road transport of bottled gas and the unpredictability of fluctuating gas prices, while operating from a small compressor facilitates low energy consumption.
The couple cooked their turkey in an oven powered by bottled gas because of an electricity failure.
Instead, they cooked their turkey in an oven powered by bottled gas - and had to settle for lamps and candles and a battery driven radio for entertainment.
It costs her nearly pounds 50 a week in bottled gas for the heaters, but now the battle to keep warm is being lost.