bottlebrush buckeye

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a spreading shrub with pink flowers

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Midwest oak-savannah ecosystems can benefit from adding understory plantings of bottlebrush buckeye, rough dogwood, pawpaw, and wafer ash.
Wants: passion vine, yellow hollyhock, bronze fennel, forest pansy redbud, coreopsis nana & zagreb, tamarix, bear's-breeches, bottlebrush buckeye, bugbane, crape myrtle, micanthus purpurascens, phlox, Darwin's choice, epemedium (red, pink, or orange)
Add to the newbies, the standbys of proven reliability like abeliophyllum, the white flowering forsythia, the shrub forms of horse chestnut (bottlebrush buckeye), the native, spring flowering shadbush (Amelanchier) that, together with the too-little used aronia, provide fruit for the birds and glorious fall foliage.
You will see striped-bark maple, bottlebrush buckeye, boxwood, sweetshrub, summersweet, common witch hazel, sweetspire, leucothoe and numerous other woody plants.