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a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft that is used to clean bottles

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Unlike the "bottlebrush" design U9ed to hone cylinders, the planar honing tool utilizes the same type of filaments with abrasive globules mounted to a disc.
Grevillea is a good intercropping tree while bottlebrush is an aesthetic tree.
Home Centre has miniature bottlebrush trees, stockings, gifts, Santa-themed mugs and bowls and a lot of Christmas decor products.
In the garden: baby's-breath, bottlebrush, forget-me-nots, marjoram, and thistle.
Because of their knobby shape, the tubers require special care in washing; an old toothbrush or a small bottlebrush will come in handy for this purpose.
They don't branch very much, which makes whatever the vine is growing on begin to look like a bottlebrush or artificial Christmas tree.
Several cuttings and seed samples were taken of a wonderful red bottlebrush bush which had been planted on top of our now deceased and desperately missed Bahraini feline companion.
The blooming flowers cannot be ignored as one strolls along Rosa Bautista Walk, a tiled pathway beneath a row of bottlebrush and alnus trees that leads to the other parts of BGHMC Gardens.
(Lamiales: Lamiaceae); bottlebrush, Callistemon sp.
This is an ornamental plant commonly known as bottlebrush that is found in several areas with the exception of localities extremely cold and dry.
He added that the Damas can be replaced with trees' like the Geranium, Pink Trumpet Tree, Bottlebrush, and Neem.
Using a remotely operated vehicle in the Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon off the coast of California, Bush poked at a squid with a bottlebrush.
Yes, the songbirds sang and the chanting frogs chanted and a percussive wind moved through tall grass and bottlebrush trees.
Some caution should be exercised with less hardy shrubs such as camellias, ceanothus and anything faintly subtropical like bottlebrush, mimosa and eucalyptus.