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shaped like a bottle

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MBDA also fitted the bottle-shaped profile with an array of teeth at the front end, partly to avoid gliding at the point of contact and partly to crack the concrete.
I saw a bottle-shaped city surrounded by a wall, a city with just one entrance: Qalqilya.
Simple milk bottle-shaped pendant lights suspended over the breakfast table add a final sculptural nuance.
An X-ray picture of one of the bombs shows nails bulging out of the side of a bottle-shaped bomb.
Also, 50 soda bottle-shaped recycling containers have been distributed throughout the center as visible reminders to visitors of the need to recycle.
Maybe we'll get one of those Jack Daniel's bottle-shaped basses for Michael to play with.
It is believed the American company had a representative at the launch of the scheme, which will include a champagne bottle-shaped hotel and a theatre shaped like a toaster.
They show the terrifying moment the bottle-shaped device filled with sharp nails and screws was thrown into the packed building.
The bottle-shaped package was flung into Dickie Lewis public house, Walton Road, Kirkdale, by a man between 8.30pm and 8.45pm on Saturday.
Together, we decided on a bottle-shaped shadow-box frame using Framerica's Boxer moulding.
u Clubs: gymnasts work with two bottle-shaped clubs of equal length 40-50cm (16-20in), each weighing around 150g (5.3oz)
The bottle-shaped bar has soft, melty cocoa and shea butters and cornflour to absorb excess oils, so when the massage is over, skin feels soft and touchable, but not greasy.
Simon Haley, from Marton, and brothers Alex and Joel Wylie, from Eaglescliffe, wrote special birthday messages for Captain Cook, which were then weaved into a huge bottle-shaped sculpture made entirely from willow.
The bottle-shaped homemade bomb was flung into the packed Dickie Lewis pub at just after 8.30pm on Saturday.