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Caption: When Didymosphenia geminata blooms, the tiny, normally soda bottle-shaped alga transforms into a stalked, branching form (shown) that clings to rocks.
Once attendees have consumed their drinks, dozens of Coca-Cola bottle-shaped recycling receptacles await with messages about giving the can or bottle back.
Simple milk bottle-shaped pendant lights suspended over the breakfast table add a final sculptural nuance.
An X-ray picture of one of the bombs shows nails bulging out of the side of a bottle-shaped bomb.
Also, 50 soda bottle-shaped recycling containers have been distributed throughout the center as visible reminders to visitors of the need to recycle.
It is believed the American company had a representative at the launch of the scheme, which will include a champagne bottle-shaped hotel and a theatre shaped like a toaster.
Ms Gibbs' planned work centres around the idea of a message in a bottle, and includes a wooden seat carved into the frame of a large bottle-shaped structure.
The bottle can is an aluminum bottle-shaped container with a screwtop cap.
Simon Haley, from Marton, and brothers Alex and Joel Wylie, from Eaglescliffe, wrote special birthday messages for Captain Cook, which were then weaved into a huge bottle-shaped sculpture made entirely from willow.
Bursting Bottles are sour, fizzy bottle-shaped gums (rsp: 39p for 75g bags and 29p for 40g) in a mix of three flavours--cola, lemonade and cherryade--while Little Squirts are plain gums that contain 25% fruit juice (rsp: 39p for 75g and 1.
Silver and gold sprayed twigs, leaves and pods wonOt need any water, so now is the time to grab a gorgeous bottle-shaped wooden vase to display them.
After months of preparation, Baumgartner jumped down the bottle-shaped 190-meter-deep Karst Cave in total darkness.
More than 200 of the games, played on a bottle-shaped board and featuring a spin-the-bottle-style dice, are to be distributed in Aberdeen.
The trench capacitor of Toshiba's new cell has a unique bottle-shaped structure.