bottlenose whale

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northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead

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Paul Jepson, of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), hopes to find clues which might explain why the 15ft northern bottle-nosed whale became lost in the capital's water course.
Fears were growing for the 15ft northern bottle-nosed whale, as experts believe it may become stranded when the tide changed last night.
A LARGE marine mammal which swam up the Thames into central London yesterday, was identified as a northern bottle-nosed whale by Richard Sabin, whales and dolphins expert at the Natural History Museum.
Beaked whales, sperm whales, bottle-nosed whales and dolphins beached themselves in four mass strandings in the Canary Islands between 1985 and 1989--each time happening when mysterious naval exercises were underway offshore.
Willy the bottle-nosed whale, who was just two hours from the open sea, suffered a series of fits around 7pm after it was pulled out of the river.