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Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) present sharply contrasting pictures of Tursiops truneatus, better known as the bottle-nosed dolphin.
Hundreds of sightseers have been watching the bottle-nosed dolphins spotted at the mouth of the Wear.
bottle-nosed dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) are often seen riding boat wakes or fishing in shallow inshore waters.
Surfing on our bow wave were a dozen or more bottle-nosed dolphins glowing wondrously in the plankton-rich seas which, through the clear water, appeared bioluminescent.
After months of protests, letter writing, Freedom of Information Act filings and monthly speeches before the zoo's governing trust, CDAC had cause to celebrate when the trust voted unanimously to return the remaining Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins and three sea lions to Marine Animal Productions of Gulfport, Mississippi.
6 billion yen building located in Nagoya's Minato Ward is large enough to house a large circular tank containing six Bottle-Nosed dolphins and six Beluga whales.
Work with bottle-nosed dolphins and porpoises has demonstrated increased responsiveness in autistic children (Nathanson & de Faria, 1993).
Actually played by three different male bottle-nosed dolphins and an animatronic puppet, the movie's Flipper is exceptionally acrobatic, clever and expressive.
With this initiative, the park has been able to come to the aid of Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins, manatees, dwarf and pygmy sperm whales, beaked whales, and green loggerhead and ridley turtles that have been endangered.
Go dolphin spotting in West Wales TAKE a boat trip from New Quay in West Wales to try and spot bottle-nosed dolphins and porpoise off the coast.
All four species of skua were seen on a boat trip out to the continental shelf along with over 100 oceanic bottle-nosed dolphins and a blue shark.
Whether its watching the bottle-nosed dolphins leap and dive in the waters of Cardigan Bay or a journey of exploration around the neighbouring resorts of Llangrannog, Tresaith or Aberaeron, Pencnwc Holiday Park is the ideal base to park your caravan or pitch your tent.
A team of researchers will sail around the West Coast looking for a colony of bottle-nosed dolphins who have been living off the Mayo - Galway coastline.
But what surprised diggers were the numbers of bottle-nosed dolphins eaten by the site's inhabitants over 400 years.
Swimmers and conservationists "have lost count" of the number of bottle-nosed dolphins seen this year.