bottle-nosed dolphin

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Lobo's disease in an atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin.
The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust has been collating a photographic catalogue of these various resident bottle-nosed dolphin groups for the past three years.
The accident involved a female bottle-nosed dolphin off the White Strand beach, Co Clare, last Sunday.
We do get the occasional common dolphin, but around here we are more used to seeing the bottle-nosed dolphin.
The 41-year-old tourist suffered abdominal injuries in the crash with a wild female bottle-nosed dolphin off the Co Clare coast on Sunday evening.
MINEBLEEPER: K-dog, a bottle-nosed dolphin, leaps from the Arabian Gulf where he is part of coalition efforts to find mines
Last year a bottle-nosed dolphin spent days feeding near the Liver Buildings.
An eight-foot bottle-nosed dolphin doesn't have the same obvious assets as Lara Croft; he's all heart rather than bosom.
There was no news of him until 2002 when a bottle-nosed dolphin with similar marking to Freddie - and telltale scars - appeared off Weymouth, Dorset.
Well, I can honestly say, as the owner of Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, on the corner of the Ceredigion coast at Gwbert-on-Sea, that we have not seen any drop in bottle-nosed dolphin viewings.
The lone male bottle-nosed dolphin is the only one in the waters near the Lakeshore Estates.
Yet the real showstopper on our visit was the first glimpse of a tiny male bottle-nosed dolphin swimming beside his mum Maia, barely an hour after he had been born.
This was a shallow-water encounter with an Indo-Pacific bottle-nosed dolphin.
Feb 1995: Rare bottle-nosed dolphin washed up on Redcar beach.
As anyone who has witnessed Cllr Bradley and his arch-adversary Joe Anderson winding each other up until their heads turn purple will know, things can get a bit lively when all councillors descend on Dale Street to discuss motions calling for the release of Burmese political prisoners or the plight of the bottle-nosed dolphin, or other such locally important topics.