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of a dark to moderate greyish green color

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APRON SIZE 6, according to the following characteristics: cotton polyester fabric Bottle-green, round neck, locked in the back pockets as attached photo with front buttons, embroidered logo establishment which s
Slightly larger than a pigeon, it has distinctive black, white and bottle-green colouring and three-inch black crest.
The 17-year-old, who plays teenage tearaway Stacey Slater, stunned onlookers with her glamorous bottle-green gown, slashed to the thigh.
One street over stands the bottle-green offices of the government lawyers prosecuting him for his role in the Dominican Republics worst-ever banking scandal.
The angled gray, black, and bottle-green grid of Mountain Dew signals brand-name colors but subverts the means of this inescapable imagery--logo recognizability--by zeroing in on sections of the giant pixelated signs, abstracting them, and leaving an aftertaste of urban Pop sensibility.
The dark bottle-green glass keeps daylight out and glows when lighted from within.
The pose that will welcome visitors to the wax museums is typically Sally Spectra: The figure is wearing a bottle-green ball gown with one leg peeking through a slit, the arms upraised in welcome.
Officers from Durham Police are now hunting up to four raiders, Police want to speak to anyone who may have seen a bottle-green Nissan Nivara before, during or after the raid, or who witnessed the raid taking place or the robbers in an Audi they escaped in.
HITLER wasn't much good with the opposite sex and he certainly wouldn't have been a match for the squadrons of women who swept from the bridge sessions, whist drives, golf courses, tennis courts and amateur dramatic societies to form a Dad's Army in frocks, or, more correctly, bottle-green uniforms, in the early days of the war.
Yesterday, the Evening Telegraph reported how an Asian man in a scratched old bottle-green Ford Escort told a 14-year-old girl to get in his car on Saturday afternoon in Leamington.
Dressed in a bottle-green dress and matching feathered hat, the Queen was welcomed with cheers from the College's 860 pupils yesterday .
He had personally picked up the 220mph black beast with a bottle-green leather interior trim from Ferrari's Maranello factory.
Old fashioned kit, including the bottle-green shirts, are getting their marching orders.
The university suggested it may be a single crystal, Manzie said, but he added that what appears to be the largest garnet is the top of a small hill surrounded by bottle-green crystals.
Although Bacon certainly was drawn more frequently to the male nude than to the female variety, he nevertheless created several important paintings of nude women, most notably the 1970 triptych Studies of the Human Body, which featured three sculptural and voluptuously mutilated figures posed on a kind of ramp-armature against a flat, continuous, mauvish pink background, the central, frontal figure incongruously haloed by a large bottle-green umbrella.