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of a dark to moderate greyish green color

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The wedding: Leigh and the groomsmen travelled to the ceremony in a bottle-green Mustang GT500, while Rhian had a silver Beauford.
At 18, the skinny teddy boy with a bottle-green suit, green suede shoes and quiff, met Joan Marley at a dance.
bottle-green Beetle You were surprised when I threw you the key, Saying
After looking at the bottle-green fabric and national crest, Jaques would head to the gym or local pool for what he describes as short-term torture for his long-term wellbeing, buoyed by the memory of how he once ranked in the top echelon of Australian cricket.
The bottle-green I wear again and again and the green shoes to remind me of walking on grass and all the little bugs and crawlers.
FIFTY years ago this month, 90 of the brightest 11-year-old girls from the Nuneaton area put on their new bottle-green school uniforms for their first day at Nuneaton High School for Girls.
Slightly larger than a pigeon, it has distinctive black, white and bottle-green colouring and three-inch black crest.
The 17-year-old, who plays teenage tearaway Stacey Slater, stunned onlookers with her glamorous bottle-green gown, slashed to the thigh.
One street over stands the bottle-green offices of the government lawyers prosecuting him for his role in the Dominican Republics worst-ever banking scandal.
The angled gray, black, and bottle-green grid of Mountain Dew signals brand-name colors but subverts the means of this inescapable imagery--logo recognizability--by zeroing in on sections of the giant pixelated signs, abstracting them, and leaving an aftertaste of urban Pop sensibility.
The dark bottle-green glass keeps daylight out and glows when lighted from within.
nothing but the wind-borne fume of sea-salt, of iodine, riding dolphin-back across the bottle-green prairies
The lady who has been riding high on the super success of her debut film, 'Teefa In Trouble', was a riot at all the related events, especially at the wedding reception where she turned many heads in a bottle-green anarkali dress by renowned fashion designer Faiza Saqlain.
At one point a protester danced on the roof of a bottle-green Jaguar car as police in riot gear looked on in Great Castle Street, off Regent Street.