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Roots have alternating bands of libriform fibers and paratracheal axial parenchyma bands (much as in stems of the bottle trees).
5a and b), solitary or in small groupings, widest in diameter in the bottle trees (148 [micro]m), intermediate in slender trees (129 pm) and narrowest in stems of tuberous shrubs (40-80 [micro]m mean diameter).
In addition, on one of Welty's drives out in the country, she came upon a house with a bottle tree in front.
One such antecedent is Nana's bottle tree. Another is the fact that almost all the action of the film takes place outdoors.
Outdoors, bottle trees vie with the colorful flowers for attention and add to the appeal and whimsy of the establishment.
Bottle Trees were originally live trees with colored bottles stuck on the ends of branches.
Decorative bottle trees brighten gardens with color, dimension, and whimsy.
Lee Ann is a talented decorator, craftsperson, and gardener, and her special touches can be found throughout the interior and exterior of the cabin--from the shotgun shells that edge the kitchen counters, the interestingly framed photos of the original cabin, and the old hand-operated water pump in the kitchen, to the rustic garden art and bottle tree. The wide porches that extend the length of the cabin are perfect for relaxing during most seasons, but during the coldest days of winter, the wood-burning fireplace tempts you to come inside.
There are plate trees in Kongo and bottle trees in Arkansas, and Dial once mirrored them in a painting with a memorable theme of spiritual embottlement.
The shacks retain a feeling of authenticity--featuring such charming details as bottle trees in the yards, rocking chairs and strung-up colored lights on the porches, and even old tire tubes on the roofs--but rest assured that modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and air conditioning are now provided.