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In the photo, she captures the bare trees with bottles on the ends of the branches and a beautiful peach tree in full bloom next to the bottle trees (Photographs 121).
The first thing one notices approaching this picturesque building is the colorful bottle tree in the front yard, followed in quick succession by the neat white picket fence, the archway teeming with tall showy flowers, and the sky-blue exterior of the bungalow.
As autumn gives way to winter, the garden will become less active so that the rustling grasses, bottle tree, and stones are all that remain visible.
The planting of the bottle tree also was timed to coincide with Earth Day, Hugger said.
The city's urban forestry division planted Australian willow, Arizona ash, London plane, Bradford pear, Canary Island pine, California live oak, bottle trees, silk trees, valley oaks and fruitless mulberry trees.
Gundaker criticizes "either/or approaches" which seek the origins of such customs as bottle trees and flowers planted in truck tires, but some at least of the cultural practices under examination are originally European.
And its sand was mixed with salt - a traditional spiritual protection (this may have been why the speaker platform suggested an altar as much as a dance-hall stage, just as the soda bottles outside recalled the bottle trees of African-American faith), but also the salt of tears, or the dried-out residue of seawater.
chilensis, native to Chile) with swordlike leaves and giant flower stalks that rise 6 feet over the plant; huge grass trees (Xanthorrhoea preissii) with 15-foot trunks topped by tufts of grasslike leaves; hefty barrel cactus (Echino-cactus) with prominent ribs and thorns; and stately bottle trees (Brachychiton rupestris) with bulging green trunks and shiny leaves.
Shielded by lush plantings of oversized palm, acacia, pine and bottle trees, the soft and sensual paradise will feature three primary pools, a European pool, hot tubs and luxurious cabanas.
He speaks with Nana because "when we was children we believed in you, that you could strike out evil with your bottle trees, and your other charms.
There are plate trees in Kongo and bottle trees in Arkansas, and Dial once mirrored them in a painting with a memorable theme of spiritual embottlement.