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Livvie "was familiar from the time she was born with the way bottle trees kept evil spirits from coming into the house--by luring them inside the colored bottles, where they cannot get out again" (229).
He speaks with Nana because "when we was children we believed in you, that you could strike out evil with your bottle trees, and your other charms." Nana's response contextualizes Eli's problem by connecting it with his community, living and dead: "Call on your ancestors.
Lee Ann is a talented decorator, craftsperson, and gardener, and her special touches can be found throughout the interior and exterior of the cabin--from the shotgun shells that edge the kitchen counters, the interestingly framed photos of the original cabin, and the old hand-operated water pump in the kitchen, to the rustic garden art and bottle tree. The wide porches that extend the length of the cabin are perfect for relaxing during most seasons, but during the coldest days of winter, the wood-burning fireplace tempts you to come inside.
But in his recent installation, entitled Spirit House, 1993, Birch set his sights on three African-American traditions of the rural South: the yard show, the shotgun shack, and the bottle tree. Lining the perimeter of the central room with a variety of empty bottles and dried flowers, he constructed a simple wood and papier-mache frame house in the center, out of which a real tree sprouted.
The white bark of the sycamore looks perfect in the northern section of the garden, and a cedar trunk looks resplendent as a bottle tree standing between the south and west sections.
At one rest stop you drink a bottle of pilgrim's ale and they give you a pen to write on your bottle and add it to the thousands of others on the many bottle trees.
The resulting wood monograph (Olson & Carlquist, 2001), groups the species of the single genus, Moringa, according to habit, which also closely follows the phytogeny of the genus (Olson, 2001): bottle trees, sarcorhizal trees (thick roots with soft wood), slender trees (e.g., the widely-cultivated M.
Bottle trees and concrete chickens that traditionally once graced the gardens of good country folks can now be found in the gardens of sophisticated, upwardly mobile urban dwellers.
The cooled-dry conservatory, the Flower Dome, features flora from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions, allowing nature lovers to get up close and personal with plant species like baobabs, indigenous to Madagascar, bottle trees, olive trees and date palms.
According to Rushing, gardening should be about pleasing yourself in your yard, whether your inclination is bottle trees and a flock of pink flamingoes (as is the case for the author) or a neatly curved stone path through vibrant green groundcover.
Gundaker criticizes "either/or approaches" which seek the origins of such customs as bottle trees and flowers planted in truck tires, but some at least of the cultural practices under examination are originally European.
Baobab trees (also called "bottle trees") in the African Kalahari and Australian deserts store water in hollow trunks.
And its sand was mixed with salt - a traditional spiritual protection (this may have been why the speaker platform suggested an altar as much as a dance-hall stage, just as the soda bottles outside recalled the bottle trees of African-American faith), but also the salt of tears, or the dried-out residue of seawater.