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the small projection of a mammary gland

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Independent factors associated with the EBF interruption in children under six months of age in Guarapuava, PR, were: using baby bottle teats (PR = 1.79; CI = 1.57-2.05) and not being breastfed in the first hour of life (PR = 1.19; CI = 1.05-1.34), after controlling for effects of children's birth weight, type of delivery, mothers' parity, education, mothers' age, mothers' work, area of residence and children's age in months (Table 3).
She brought laughter to the courtroom as she explained how she used her bra straps and baby bottle teats to create a prosthetic disguise for one of the robbers.
A MAKE-UP artist yesterday told how she used baby bottle teats and her bra straps to disguise one of the alleged pounds 53million Securitas robbers.
"The worst thing was bottle teats. They cause the gum to arch, because they are made of tough silicone which is nothing like a breast.
``If your child has had oral thrush it is very important to ensure dummies, bottle teats and teething rings are sterilised to avoid re-infection.
Try using 'fast flow' bottle teats which help cut down on air swallowed while feeding.
She paid pounds 49 in cash for the items which included SMA New-Born Baby milk, sterilising tablets, bottle teats and three large bouquets of flowers.