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She observed that on weekends customers often purchased and drank alcohol at bottle stores while waiting for bars to open.
In such a scenario, she said, both the business owner and the person caught drinking at a bottle store would face the wrath of the law.
She explained that under the proposed trading hours, bottle stores, liquor distributors and liquor wholesalers would now operate on public holidays and Sundays unlike in the current regulations.
She explained that the ministry proposed that bottle stores should open from 8am and close at 9pm from Monday to Saturday.
In addition, she said the ministry also proposed that bottle stores open at 8am and close at 9 pm on public holidays whilst on Sunday they open at 10 am and close at 7pm.
'The ministry continues to encounter challenges in implementing the Liquor Act and has made proposals to review it with a view to exempt bottle stores, liquor wholesalers and liquor distributors from the 500-metre distance requirement from a school, highway, major road or church,' she said.
'Since liquor is not to be consumed in bottle stores, wholesales and distributor depots, there was no need to treat them in the same manner as bars,' she said.
Minister Kenewendo highlighted that the amended clauses should among others provide for the exemption of bottle stores, liquor wholesalers and liquor distribution depots from the 500 metres distance requirement from a school, highway or church.