bottle opener

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an opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

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The SBTL Chrchky is a new approach to the common churchkey or bottle opener.
Nasonworks has sold over 3,000 bottle openers in 15 different countries and continues to expand into new regions in Europe.
Pittsburg, Kansas, cast 250 bottle openers that were placed in gift bags given to all Grammy Award nominees.
A BRUTAL thug who left his victim full of holes following a bottle opener attack smirked yesterday as he was jailed for just 18 months.
uk, however, with a win in Saturday's visit of Cardiff able to take Liverpool to the top of the Premier League table, boss Brendan Rodgers will be hoping his star man holds fire with the bottle opener for the time being.
Each pack includes sunglasses, t-shirt, poker chip USB, bottle opener and credit card case.
Each prize pack includes a silicone watch, light-up pen, bottle opener, notebook, sunglasses, t-shirt and sake set.
My girlfriend, Anna, asked if I had a bottle opener - not knowing the can of worms she was about to open.
This bottle opener will make you wish the twist-off cap had never been invented," said Sara Miller Stratton of Resource Revival.
As someone who battles - sometimes successfully and sometimes not - to keep away from the bottle opener, I think that's a bit of a shame.
But, hey at least you get a free matching bottle opener with it.
The makers foolishly believed that the hat was more important than the bottle opener.
Traveler's personal care kit features a dozen tools, including electric shaver, nose hair trimmer, bottle opener, cuticle scissors, and five international adapter plugs, $79.
The range includes a toy box, talking bottle opener and radio as well as a complete England branded bedroom storage collection.