bottle opener

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an opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

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Plus its decorative appeal and use as a beer bottle opener provide extra value that our current customers seem to appreciate," says McGinnis.
But a spokesperson for the force, responding to that suggestion, said: "Unfortunately the appearance of most weapons that officers come across are manufactured in a way that gives them the appearance of something innocent like a bottle opener."
As people studied the photograph, many decided the object was not a knuckle duster, but a bottle opener - but police clarified the issue by saying that many weapons were often disguised to make them look harmless.
Even if I wanted a bottle opener made from a bat used by Cubs catcher Willson Contreras, the best I could get is a guarantee that the wood came from a bat used by the Chicago Cubs.
Add some style to your barware with this sleek bottle opener. Copper finish bottle opener, PS29.50, Marks & Spencer
Be the reason why your favorite beer lover can open their drink in style, with this custom bottle opener available on ( Etsy .
One rare bottle opener which will feature at the fair is a French mallard duck's head, a table top bottle opener made in the 1930s.
This PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is exceptionally portable and doesn't take up a ton of room on your key chain like a classic bottle opener.
Guests who arrived early received a first-release serialized bronze bottle opener by Fort Standard.
6s You Make My Heart 'Saur googly eye case, PS8, Mr Right | pint glass and bottle opener set, was PS3.99 now PS2.99, B&M Personalised | key ring, PS9.95, Heat-changing love | mug, PS9.95, Tesco.
You'll also need a torch, stereo, bottle opener - the list goes on.
Corkscrew, [euro]19.99, Pretty, colourful, useful and the beak is a bottle opener.
We saved the best feature for last: This waterproof toolbox sports a mounted bottle opener and space to prepack a few beers on ice when you're ready to celebrate a job well done.