bottle gourd

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Old World climbing plant with hard-shelled bottle-shaped gourds as fruits

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Complete nucleotide sequence of a new isolate of tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus infecting cucumber, bottle gourd and muskmelon in Thailand.
The Subz Meetha gave rise to apprehensions when Suroor explained that the sweet dish was made of ground carrots, bottle gourds and papaya, but the dessert sat well even with a vegetable hater like.
The nucleotide sequence of the PCR products from the Saudi isolates of CGMMV isolated from bottle gourd and watermelon were determined and demonstrated its similarity to the other isolates of CGMMV recorded in NCBI.
Medella is a premium food label that specializes in production and manufacture of a varied range of specialty products made from nutritious ingredients like amla, bael, jamun, wheat grass, bottle gourd and bitter gourd.
A Mediterranean platter of vegetable and seafood delights, a French platter, and an Ayurvedic baked platter with stuffed bottle gourd marinated in tangy mustard tofu-crumble cumin curry sauce plus an oat bread pudding scented with cardamom, are also available.
In recent years she has become immersed in finding ways to replace imported vegetables like okra and bottle gourd with Ontario-grown versions.
Boost your immunity with the green power in cabbage, spinach, lemon, coriander, bottle gourd and garlic cocktail.
On the opening day, a box containing three to four kilograms of beans cost between QR10 and QR15, bottle gourd per box cost QR10 to QR15 while egg plant and broccoli were sold at QR5 and QR 20 pert box, respectively.
Similarly, the trend is seen in summer vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, lady finger, pumpkin etc.
Luther, Technology Dissemination Specialist of AVRDC provided instruction on the advantages of grafting, technical details for implementation of the technology, and hands-on training on how to graft tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, bitter gourd, bottle gourd and other vegetables.
Woe betide the newly wedded daughter-in-law who cannot cook the lowly potato or the bottle gourd in the manner in which her newly acquired relatives are used to
It consists of tomatoes, bottle gourd, ferns and greens and even potatoes with the addition of lemon juice or other local sour fruits.
The method reportedly has been used to irrigate: water melons and bottle gourd in India and Pakistan; horticultural crops in Brazil, Germany and Indonesia; and corn, tomato and okra in Zimbabwe.