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A little blue ink drop is held prisoner in an ink bottle by an evil bottle cork that represents multiple sclerosis, the gate keeper of my body.
JUNIOR doctor Dr Belinda Fenty works in clinical research and reveals why, because of potential health risks, she thinks it is best to leave the bottle corked: It does seem that more people are drinking wine these days than other types of alcohol - though overall consumption appears to be going down compared to a decade ago.
Last time they went, Keith got one of those hats with 32 wine bottle corks dangling from it.
The first involves sculptures made out for wine bottle corks. All entries will be on display at the festival.
The center collects items for various rehabilitation programs - items such as mason jars with screw-top lids, photo frames, art supplies, beads, baskets, wine bottle corks and the like,
Walton and fellow designer Richard Pilbrow managed to solve the crisis by stabilizing the stage with sliced bottle corks they borrowed from a cooperative bartender at the nearby Dirty Duck pub.
The trees are kept in good order because they have uses as flooring, bottle corks and notice boards for example.
You may never have given wine bottle corks a second thought but in Chapter Three: Goals and Services Nadkarni draws readers in to their importance by first recalling the love of a childhood book The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf which featured a cork tree and then giving a brief history of cork as a product.
And, oh, that silly ash tree he and Lynch had planted late last spring just in the center of the lot-- and it still smoldering like so much hatred caught within the limits of a bottle corked, its contents putrefied, each blackened bud a curse, its blackened trunk a stick of wonder now, its crown refusing even now to die.
Lastly, the authors of Is This Bottle Corked? (Faber and Faber, pounds 12.99) try to answer those questions.
We occasionally find things like bottle corks but this is different."
YOU CAN be forgiven for regarding rusty tins, old doors and even bottle corks as junk.
YOU can be forgiven for regarding rusty tins,old doors and even bottle corks as just a load of old junk.
Bet you've seen bottle corks, cork bulletin boards, and cork soles on shoes.
Once I carried him milk in a bottle Corked sloppily with paper.