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a collection of bottles

the activity of collecting bottles

collecting bottles for reuse

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The trio's Buckshees shops at Middlesbrough, Guisborough and Washington have run a hugely successful bottle collection for the charity since its inception.
One recycling initiative that will be a new twist is that visitors who take the shuttle buses to the show in the morning will receive a free PET water bottle, and there will be PET bottle collection bins inside the convention center near the bus drop-off points.
Sir, I fear the CPRE--and perhaps you in your Leader (18 September)--have underestimated the significant costs that could apply for local shops if a national bottle collection scheme were introduced.
The water bottle collection is open to companies employing at least 200 people.
A simple bottle collection could produce large savings at local groceries.
It also put water bottle collection points at Powburn, Seahouses and Belford.
Unfortunately, it was announced by the local media that the racecourse was a bottle collection point for the public, which it isn't.
For the debut, the bottle collection is being featured in two exhibits.
Residents can purchase their own private wine cellar for $80,000-$200,000 to house a bottle collection ranging from 900 to 4,000.
UNLESS you are lucky enough to have a wine cellar, the likelihood is that when the festive season arrives your bottle collection is confined to a cupboard in the kitchen or hidden away under the stairs.
Pfeffer, who studied anthropology at the University of Hawaiian and University of Washington and enjoys archaeology in his free time, says he is a "born collector," starting his first bottle collection at age 5.
But times have changed and now the 45,000 bottle collection is only about half Italian with remaining wines coming from France and the U.
Her friend Pauline Jones, landlady of the Park View pub, Brecon Road, raised pounds 345 through customers' sponsorship and the proceeds of a charity bottle collection, and regular Andrew Edwards held a raffle.
His inspiration: to build a restaurant where locals and visitors alike would feel at home in the dining room, kitchen, or cellar room, where guests are encouraged to browse through the restaurants 900 bottle collection, hand picked by the waitstaff.