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a statute that would require merchants to reclaim used bottles

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Soda companies quickly realized "one-way" cans and bottles can be more profitable: Once sold to a consumer, containers are no longer the company's responsibility, whereas bottle bills distribute the responsibility.
Paul Burns, executive director of VPIRG, a leading opponent of the campaign to kill the bottle bill, says the bill is likely to be revised before being taken up by the state legislature in early 2011, but "I'm sure it will still contain the repeal of our most successful recycling campaign, which is the bottle bill.
The injunction stops the Bottle Bill Expansion law from commencing on June 1, 2009.
That's because after years of intense advocacy by concerned New Yorkers, this year with Governor David Paterson leading the way, the Bottle Bill has finally been expanded to include water bottles.
Chris Wade, taught my class about a newly proposed bill called the "Bigger, Better Bottle Bill." This bill would strengthen New York State's recycling laws.
More typical legislation requires a bottle deposit, a so-called "bottle bill," such as Arizona's House Bill 2760, which would assess a fee of five cents on each beverage bottle sold by a distributor or entertainment facility or bought by a consumer.
It was a call to action, asking local residents to contact their respective legislators in support of the now well-known bottle bill, which is precisely what Wong did.
Sure enough, the sponsors of the initiative could not afford a response, and although the bottle bill had 2-1 support in early polls, it failed by 44-56 percent.
The state's longtime regard for the environment -- from the Bottle Bill to the Toxic Use Reduction Act -- has earned it well-deserved national respect.
976, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Amendments of 1991, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee [Quentin Burdick, D-ND, Chrmn.] agreed on establishing parameters for the interstate transport of municipal solid waste and voted down efforts to enact a national bottle bill.
" Maine's bottle bill from hell' Some retailers jokingly call it "the bottle bill from hell, " but it's no joke.
As such, it is very different from the traditional bottle bill. In particular, AB2020 attempts to promote container returns with much lower redemption values (currently one cent) using more state intervention.
Oregon earned distinction as a pioneer in public policy, and triggered nearly a half-century of self-congratulation, by approving the Bottle Bill in 1971.
Palitsch said he voted in favor of the bottle bill expansion that failed at the ballot box Nov.