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"We have provided additional bottle banks for our communities to ensure that they can continue to recycle glass.
I have used the bottle banks at Morrisons for years and, far from being underused, they were nearly always overfilled, which was often complained about.
RESIDENTS at a plush Northumberland community fedup with noise from a bottle bank have succeeded in a fight to have the recyling facilities moved.
Created by Repak in conjunction with all of the 34 local authorities, the Android and iPhone application lists all of the 2,000 bottle banks and recycling centre facilities in the 26 counties.
A few recycling sites with bottle banks etc could make a difference.
The Drinkaware Trust's new poster campaign shows a recycling bin overflowing with bottles with the slogan "Big party at the weekend?" and a bottle bank with the message "Do you come here often?"
and a bottle bank with the message Do You Come Here Often?
Bottle banks have been sited to save local residents a long journey tc recycle glass.
Now here is the tricky part: during Lent, every time they felt gratitude that they didn't regularly face such arduous hardships, they dropped a quarter into their bottle banks. They had a lot of gratitude in Waterdown--they raised enough money for 35 bicycles for Malawi.
Mr Race, now 90, and Ron England, 64, who created the first of the UK's 50,000 bottle banks, will help to celebrate the scheme's 30th birthday by going back to where it all began.
Sixty new tin can and bottle banks have been introduced across Rhondda Cynon Taf.
ALCOHOLICS Anonymous is reminding drinkers of the evils of booze - by advertising on bottle banks.
Others have brought in bottle banks where customers are told to dump their empties.
At present, local authorities have bottle banks which function extremely well.
There's bottle banks to recycle any empty bottles from your Christmas celebrations within a few minutes of most homes in Kirklees.