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I have used the bottle banks at Morrisons for years and, far from being underused, they were nearly always overfilled, which was often complained about.
RESIDENTS at a plush Northumberland community fedup with noise from a bottle bank have succeeded in a fight to have the recyling facilities moved.
Created by Repak in conjunction with all of the 34 local authorities, the Android and iPhone application lists all of the 2,000 bottle banks and recycling centre facilities in the 26 counties.
A few recycling sites with bottle banks etc could make a difference.
and a bottle bank with the message "Do you come here often?
Now here is the tricky part: during Lent, every time they felt gratitude that they didn't regularly face such arduous hardships, they dropped a quarter into their bottle banks.
Mr Race, now 90, and Ron England, 64, who created the first of the UK's 50,000 bottle banks, will help to celebrate the scheme's 30th birthday by going back to where it all began.
I can only applaud the far-sighted action in closing Cardiff's St Mary Street to traffic on the weekend, but why not go that little bit further and provide proper areas to spew in (as the Romans did), and have lines of portable lavatories (the police could keep a stock of lavatory paper in the back of their vehicles), and for the 'green' element on the spree, bottle banks could be set up?
For example, the one for the North East covers landfill sites and down to bottle banks.
ALCOHOLICS Anonymous is reminding drinkers of the evils of booze - by advertising on bottle banks.
Others have brought in bottle banks where customers are told to dump their empties.
Although levels of recycling have improved, the UK still lags behind other European countries in its recycling efforts and it is generally accepted that more must be done to encourage the UK public by providing a greater number of bottle banks and kerbside collections and by communicating the message that glass is infinitely recyclable.
At present, local authorities have bottle banks which function extremely well.
Why are there bottle banks near a kids play area anyway .
Contract notice: Arc21 The Supply and Delivery of Wheeled Refuse Collection Containers, Bottle Banks and Other Supplies.