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I thought maybe someone's kipping in there so not to worry, I'll put them in the next bottle bank, only to find there was another duvet in that one, but at least I could get my bottles in.
Drinkaware which aims to reduce the harm caused by alcohol, hopes the new campaign will raise people's awareness of their drinking habits by highlighting how often they fill their recycling bins or visit bottle banks.
In 1977, Stanley Race made history by dropping an empty jar into the UK's first glass bottle bank, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Jo Brown, who is caring for the hen at a wildlife rescue centre in Tewkesbury, said: "She probably lost her tail because she was too big for the hole in the bottle bank.
Bottle bank locations are listed by area on the Kirklees Council website (www.
Engineers from Northern Gas Networks are carrying out emergency repair work to the gas main on Bottle Bank in Gateshead, near the Quayside's Hilton Hotel.
Northern Gas Networks said that, in order to carry out the work safely and e ciently, they will have to close Bottle Bank to traf-traf [euro]c.
Anyone who is interested in fundraising for WNAA can now sign up for Bottle Bank Week online.
5 Instead of a statue why doesn't Grantham name a bottle bank after Thatcher in memory of everyone she drove to drink themselves to death?
STORE giant Sainsbury's has been told an extension to one of its Birmingham supermarkets can go ahead only if a noisy bottle bank is moved away from homes.
The 46-year-old was seen leaving the bags next to a bottle bank in Newcastle Emlyn by Carmarthenshire council environmental enforcement officers.
It is very useful having bottles collected, obviating the need to carry them to the bottle bank which regularly filled up well before it was emptied.
In two separate cases, Michelle Smyth, 43, of Cherry Lane, Walton, was sentenced to 40 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay pounds 150 costs for dumping three black plastic bin bags and a printer, and Roy Poole, 51, of St Domingo Vale, Liverpool, was fined pounds 150 and ordered to pay pounds 175 costs for dumping a crate of empty bottles behind a Kwik Save store despite driving past a bottle bank.
I often leave my engine running when I nip out of the car to drop bottles into the bottle bank and newspapers into the bins while at the supermarket.
Mark Russell, of Barrhead Close, Fairfield, Stockton, will be stashing his pounds 1,000 winnings in a piggy bank out of the reach of his two children after correctly answering that was best place to keep money - rather than Ormesby Bank or a bottle bank.