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Teachers there help Bott and more than 40 other children focus their concentration and learn how to interact with their classmates.
Cries of objection echoed through the chamber as Councillor Bird outlined the reasons for his group's decision not to follow protocol, explaining that he did not feel Cllr Bott would remain politically neutral as is customary in the chamber.
Mr Bott had previously indicated that he would side with the Labour coalition in a radio interview early last week.
Bott, 55, of Alcester Road, Studley, was originally in court accused of illtreating people who "lacked capacity".
"I wish Cecilia and I had the chance to meet my uncles,'' Steven Bott said.
Bott's bio
Bott recalls speedway in its heyday post-war and believes the fact there was less to occupy youngsters in the days before TV drew more people to the sport.
It was an Anglican high church led in the 1920s by Father J A Bott and his wife.
David Bott, director of innovation programmes at the TSB, said the next phase of the organisation's work in this area will focus on the integration of power sources such as fuel cells with other systems to deal with shifting levels of demand in household and automotive applications.
British bank Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) (NYSE: BCS) has hired Sally Bott, currently the head of human resources at global oil giant BP Plc (NYSE: BP), as the head of human resources at the British bank, Dow Jones has reported, citing a person familiar with the situation.
William meets his new neighbour, a frilly, lisping girl called Violet Elizabeth Bott, who refuses to be shaken off and proves to be a worthy companion for the Outlaws during a mudspattered day in the woods.
His god-daughter Caroline Bott, author of a biography of the illustrator, eventually inherited the Snowdonia property after Bestall's death in the Wern Nursing Home, in Porthmadog, in January 1986, aged 93.
This week, Adrian Bott, from Sydney FROM Scone, in the heart of the Hunter Valley, Adrian Bott has joined the Darley Flying Start Programme on the back of a year spent working at Racing New South Wales as a stipendiary steward.
The award was presented to men's club captain Will McLean and men's hockey chairman Martyn Bott.