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a wine bottle made of leather

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A avaliacao do sistema operacional quanto a correcao dos dados informados e evidenciada pelo atendente do 190: "qual e o nome todo dessa rua ai que nao entrou no meu sistema ate agora nenhuma ai do parteno(n) e-e ja deveria" (linhas 39-41); "pois e eu boto no meu sistema aqui e nao acho ferreira viana" (linhas 54-55).
Boto, who explained that "Argentina's increased attraction of events was also reflected in the interior of the country.
Tonight, wee get to hear the operatic performances of humpback whales and boto dolphins.
In "Senhor Feudal" history also becomes the subject of Andrade's skepticism and criticism: "Se Pedro Segundo/ Vier aqui/ Com historia/Eu boto ele na cadeia" (1978: 95).
L'allusion est faite ici a Ville cruelle d'Eza Boto et a Nini d'Abdoulaye Sadji publies tous trois dans un numero de Presence Africaine intitule "Trois ecrivains noirs".
as presidents: Benazir Boto in Pakistan, Megawaty Sokamo Potry in Indonesia, and Khalda Zeya in Bangladesh.
The river people," he says, gesturing toward the banks of the Rio Negro sliding slowly past the majestic river boat, "they believe that the boto turns into a beautiful man at dusk.
Ten minutes later, Peter Clarke scored and three further tries were added through Tristan Wesley, Jonan Boto and Nick Moore.
This tactic partially addresses security issues but even if Wulfstan's vessel sailed in convoy on the open ocean out of range of most coastal 'pirates', safe passage would need to have been negotiated through specific choke-points like the Schlei Fjord, the mouth of the Vistula, and south of Boto Nor, an area that perhaps deserves more investigation.
No less amazing were the pink Amazon river dolphins, known as botos (also as Bufeo, Bufeo Colorado, Boto, Boto Cor de Rosa, Boutu, Nay, and Tonina), and up to 2-meter-long, tasty pink fish known as pirarucus (Arapaima gigas), at first glance easily confused with each other.
Muhammad Sharif said the two were captured in the Boto village of Darzab district.
The win has given Sho Cho Boto the chance to compete in the International Game Fishing Association (IGAF) world championships in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, next year.
geoffrensis boto specimens from the Mamiraua Reserve in the central Amazon region of Brazil (9); similarly, our observational studies in the Venezuelan Orinoco River failed to detect the disease.