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a wine bottle made of leather

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Using boto for bait, a fisherman can make as much as $3,000 in a day, says Migueis.
Boto, who explained that "Argentina's increased attraction of events was also reflected in the interior of the country.
The pink dolphin, or boto, is found in the fresh waters of the Amazon, Araguaia/Tocantins, and Orinoco river systems.
Bem como os deuses da mitologia grega, o boto serve para explicar uma gravidez indesejada.
The win has given Sho Cho Boto the chance to compete in the International Game Fishing Association (IGAF) world championships in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, next year.
Una noche, subio al parque como a la medianoche y ahi se quedo esperando, cuando vio un pajaro negro, grande, voleteando las alas, que paso por encima de el y le boto el quepis; el lo junto, se lo puso y el pajaro se lo volvio a quitar; otra vez lo junta y se lo pone y la misma cosa.
geoffrensis boto specimens from the Mamiraua Reserve in the central Amazon region of Brazil (9); similarly, our observational studies in the Venezuelan Orinoco River failed to detect the disease.
The Boto Project in Senegal has announced a significant new gold mineralized trend and is currently defining drill targets in eastern Senegal.
O boto cinza, Sotalia guianensis, e um golfinho de habito costeiro, frequentando baias, enseadas e estuarios (Silva & Best, 1996).
Mr Boto, a consultant at Ipswich Hospital, said: "She felt the job was impossible to do.
OXFORD: C Mahony (Keble); J Boto (University), E Sadden (Keble), J Roff (Harris Manchester, capt), T Tombleson (Wolf-son); C McMahon (Linacre), B McKerchar (Keble); R Allhusen (Linacre), D Rosen (Worcester), R Lutton (Linacre), J Chance (Kellogg), D Alexander (Templeton), P Wright (University), S Ackroyd (Keble), A Jackson (St Anne's).
Oxford C Mahony, J Boto, J Roff, J O'Connor, T Tombleson' C McMahon, K Brennan' O Tomaszczyk, W Cowie, R Matthews, J Chance, D Alexander, D Abbott, D Palm, J Jones.
El mismo Voz Cero declaro que la Presidencia de la Republica lamenta la falta de votos, aunque en el PRI insisten que fue un triunfo del Boto.
In the final move of the game, Johan Boto won the race to the line to score after a chip for the corner from Burrill.